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Contrary Mary
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Originally Posted by Shadyr View Post
Yes, I can imagine that adding people like Nathan Fillion and Jewel Staite will spruce up most any locale

D*C has been going strong for like 20 years, hopefully it will still be around when your school days are done!

Have you brought home a new fish yet? Be careful! I started with 2 - one for each child...and somehow we now have 4. It's addictive, and you can't look at those poor guys in the little cups without wishing you could somehow give em all a home!
Lol! I agree! I wish they would come back!

No, I haven't gotten fish yet. I think I'm going to wait until the summer semester is over. I will have more free time after it's finished. I really will have to be careful, I have a tendency to "drag" animals home. I have the four dogs to prove it, too!
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TFK Moderator
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Hi and welcome to the forum.
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Hello and Welcome!

We live and learn, correct? I used to have bettas before that have died due to my lack of knowledge with them. But when I got my female betta, I did a lot of research. I discovered the temperature they need, not to get anything smaller than a 2.5 gallon, although 5 is MUCH better. Although I have her and "her" two nerite snails in a 10 gallon. They are living it up and she is the most active betta I have ever had.

Here's my introduction:)
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