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Old 05-17-2012, 01:04 AM   #1 
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The walmart post has me sad and mad.

It kills me how fish are often considered the throw away pet. People dont bother to learn anything and think its normal for them to die in a week. They are allowed to live in horrible conditions, be stunted, and horribly taken care of. Most people think that is okay or normal. I makes me both so sad and so mad. Pet stores and stores like, walmart dont help any. They have people that dont know what they are selling giving advice. Myths are treated like fact in these places.

Why is it most people dont bother to learn from dead fish? Dont bother to research or properly care for them? What is it about fish that makes this throw away mentality so accepted?

Why can people look at you and say with a staight face. "You can't bond with a fish." "Fish dont live very long." Really fish dont live very long? Why have I had fish for YEARS. Why are most fish life expectancies around 5 years?

Also I do realize we all lose fish. But I think those of us here are here because we learned from that or chose to try to learn from it and strive to be better to our pets.

Uhg sorry for the rant but between that post, my current (possibly) sick tetras, and my trip to the store where a girl argued with me about how big common plecos get and how it is impossible to stunt them or for them to outgrow a tank. I just dont get why it is so accepted by people that fish be the pet so few truly care about.
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It's a really sad thing and it upsets me to that I go to pets at home and yes they check that tanks are filtered and heated but they give silly advice like "2 males can't live together but a male and female can" or "life span is 2 years" and my favourite "they can't live in big tanks". Get's on my nurves. We don't have these cups like the US do, we have Betta barracks which are half gallon tanks for each betta. A lot of people here like cichlids because they can live together in groups and are very brightly coloured. People are put off bettas because of their common name here "Siamese Fighting Fish". People are made to believe they can't have one in their community tank which puts people off. Shame really, so many die before they are baught and some places have stopped selling them altogether. :(
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