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Upgraded tank. is cycling necessary?

so my betta was living in a vase but I recently purchased him a 2.5 gallon aquarium. Normally when I cleaned the vase every few days, I would just clean the rocks, the vase and change the water (with added aquarium salt and conditioner and of course the temp is at about 80)
but now that i have a tank with a filter, i'm wondering if cycling it is important? on the box and directions of the tank, it said to let the water sit for day or whatever.
normally I just set it up with the conditioner and salt, make sure the temp is right and plop him in, i never really waited or anything (other than getting the water to temperature). the ph and everything is fine, I'm not used to using a filter so i'm not exactly sure if cycling is necessary in a new clean tank. right now, i have a built in filter but i think the current is a little strong so i ordered a sponge filter to use.

I basically just want to know about cycling, how its done, and if it is necessary.

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Since you only have a 2.5 gallon tank, no, cycling is not necessary. There is generally not enough surface area in the tank to allow it to cycle, so don't worry. :)
When you put him in after a 100% change, make sure you acclimatise him gently both to the chemistry and the temperature of the new water - that means floating him in the tank for 30 minutes in a bag or cup, adding a scoop of tank water every ten minutes, then releasing him. :)

I'd suggest not adding salt constantly - prolonged exposure can be harmful and will severely reduce its effectiveness if you need it to treat for a disease.
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I suggest do not change anything in his care. Cycling is not necessary and he already use to the way you do it for him. I have 2.5 and 3 gall tanks. I do 100% water changes all the time and my bettas are happy.

Well i don't acclimate him for long time it really takes me about 5 min. But i do use aged water and the temperature when i change them the same may be slight different by 2*. So i have them in the cup that i am holding and i add a little bit of the new water and then i slowly let them in.

I have them in 78*

I agree about salt. Don't add salt on regular basis. I actually did it before for long time. Then i read a lot on the forum and found out it not really necessary. It not prevent from anything but if you are using it for long time it can cause kidney damage and resistance to the salt treatment when needed.

I know it actually difficult to stop doing what you used to do.Especially when you think it the way it supposed to be. It was difficult for me to change my mind. I was adding salt for long time and then i stopped. I read a lot of recommendation on this forum about salt and it really not recommended.

So i really recommend to do 100% water changes as you already doing it and your fish is happy. And don't add aquarium salt :)
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I forgot very important to do it regularly. I do it every 5-6 days.
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Originally Posted by sunlight View Post
I forgot very important to do it regularly. I do it every 5-6 days.
You may find that smaller changes done more frequently (like one 50% and one 100% per week) will keep your ammonia even lower. Use your water test kit and find out for sure.
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Thank you. I know i saw a few people recommended the way you did. The only thing i am person who believes if everything fine don't change it. I just afraid to change anything since they already adjusted....
My bettas: pearly 2 years old; burgundy 1.8 y ; blue 2.4 years & one betta i just bought in 04/12)

Maybe i will try for my new betta to do 1-50 & 1-100% a week:)
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