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Going to college next year - how to move betta around?

I'll be heading off the college next year in Pennsylvania, and I want to bring a tank with me to keep in my dorm. The problem is, it's a 14 hour drive from where I live in the South to school. I'll be driving up there in August, and driving back in May, but besides that, I'll probably be flying every other time. What should I do with my betta on breaks?
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Try to find if someone can care for him for you. I would recommend getting a 5-10 gallon tank with a filter, many plants so it can be cycled. In a tank of this size with one male Betta the maintenance should be very easy. Just one 25-30% water change weekly. Another friend or roommate that will be staying there should have virtually no issues caring for this tank. Another recommendation would be to attain a small pill box and place an equal amount of food in each slit for one day, so the person caring for the Betta knows how much to feed

For summer break...
When leaving for summer break. I old recommend that you place the Betta in the cup and leave on a warm day. During the daylight/warmest hours to keep temperature warm enough for the trip and some sort of insulation to keep it warm. Placing the Betta in a small bag filled with waer and space for air, you can aska local petstore for one of these, padded around the edges with tissue, and a blanket, or any other soft material stabilized inside of a box
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That's what I had planned, but what if I can't find anyone staying over during breaks to look after the fish?
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How long are your breaks? I'm going away this weekend for a 4 day weekend, I'm just going to do a large water change and over-feed my munchkin just a bittt, he should be fine. :)
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I would think the biggest problem would be winter break - as most colleges are out for a month between Dec and Jan.

When I lived in a dorm at SUNY Plattsburgh - the RA's went into each room after everyone ha to be gone and they checked to make sure all appliances were turned off and a unplugged. They did not allow any residents to stay in dorms if the school was closed for breaks. Maybe it was Old Dominion University, I don't remember but one of them had RA's check the rooms.

As for the drive - 14 hours will be OK as long as he stays warm and May and August are pretty warm.
I would either keep him in his cup or put him in a coffee cup and put the cup into a cupholder. Maybe add some extra stress coat or Kordon's Fish protector...or soak an IAL in the cup.

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