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Jeez people get your own thread :P lol!!!
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Originally Posted by TheCheese909 View Post
Ohmygosh you guys are making me feel so old. lol. I'm 21, 22 in Nov. and I remember joining my first thread when I was roughly 14 years old as well. It was a roll-playing site about wild cats based of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. I've been reading those books since that age and they finally just put out the "last" book (in truth there will be probably about 12 more side stories and prequels).

I've made alot of good friends on forums that I stayed apart of for many years and even some I only visited a few times.... but seriously, i feel very old lol
YOU LIKE WARRIORS!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!! Fellow Warrior cat lover here!!!!!

Ok, sorry, just had to say something. I'd totally helping spam the thread. XD Sorry Becky.
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BeckyFish97 ..... just... one more... warriors post... sorry.. love.. meeeee..... lol

*deep breath*
I met Vicky (the head Erin who's idea it was to write the Warriors books- for those who don't know) on a tour back in.. summer of 07 or 08, can't remember. She knew who I was cause of this (now really outdated) Warriors video I made (warriors on the frontline, or something) and sent to Kate (one of the main writing Erins), who at the time I talked to regularly. I sent it to her and she sent it to Vicky and yeah.. It was flippen cool.

KAY! I'm done 8D thank you for your time *scampers off*
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You met Vicky!? And talked to Kate?! YOu lucky person. I have a book sighed by her.

Sorry about joining in with the spamming we really should make are own thread.
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jessicatm137-spammer!!!, maisy-threadcrasher!!!, mo-too smart for 12!!!, oldfishlady-legend, thecheese909-old fart!

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