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Kosher salt is safe. I've used it. Just read the ingredients label carefully to see that it has absolutely no anti-clumping agents or other additives.
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You'll need to move him to a smaller, heated QT tank to do the salt treatments. High levels of salt must be changed 100% daily or it's deadly to your betta. The longer they sit in the salt the higher the concentration. If you choose to keep him in the 10 gal and not perform the salt bath, then you can do 50% changes weekly with a good substrate vaccuum each time. That's assuming your tank is fully cycled and your ammonia and nitritites are 0 and your nitrates are under 40ppm.
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Basement Bettas
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Don't like that little fuzz in the missing fin area. Does he have any fuzziness around the base of the dorsal or around the top of his head.. down around the gills maybe?? It will be real short and like plush velvet. It is difficult to see.. have to really ve looking for it. Look all angles and look for a slightly raised area. And constantly look for them..

My concern is a columnaris variation that does not kill instantly but develops these patches.. and it eats up fins like that. Not all columnaris is fuzz hangin off the mouth. A gram negitive antobiotic or tetracyccline treatment will be needed. A lot of the bacteria that eats up fins are gram negative so should help if any of those are present too. Both destroy biological filtration so needs to be in a bare bottom tank and water kept clean. If you put in an established tank the beneficial bacteria will die off and you will get ammonia spikes.. plus you will need another month after treatment to reestablish your cycle again. Bacteria from Dr Tims helps get it going quicker.
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Basement Bettas, are you talking about that clear part on his dorsal fin inbetween the rip? If so, are you sure that's not just regrowth? I really don't see anything on him that I would consider fuzz.
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