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Yes I quarantined them yesterday.
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It sounds like you're dealing with it the best you can. Quarantine, medicine, heat, observation. I'd say that's the best you can do right now. Often, people at pet stores do not know what they are talking about so its always good to get several opinions from a variety of places. The internet is usually a good place to confirm information. Sorry to hear about your fish.
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well ich is really easy to treat, Just put your betta /frog in the container and put Aquarium salt in it and change the water every day and add aquarium salt and repeat until ich is gone. (if done in temperatures ranging form 85-88 it is ideal for ich removal.

(make sure you add water dechlorinator during all this process and each time u change the small container).
if you change the temperature of the tank just float the container inside the tank.

(this advice is if u didn't buy the ich medicine yet)
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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but no pleco species should be housed long-term in a 10 gallon tank. Even the smaller bristlenose grow to around 5-6 inches. Plus they are extremely heavy waste producers from day one.

If you added all these fish (and frog) at once to a tank that housed only a betta with a relatively low bioload, it is going to take a week, maybe more before your beneficial bacteria is able to process the additional waste. This is why I asked what your water parameters were beyond 'fine'. Stress caused by even trace amounts of ammonia can cause outbreaks of disease such as velvet, columnaris and ich.

So while it's fine if you cure the ich, be aware that your tank is still going to be overstocked and unless you have a filter with adequate biological filtration you are going to run into problems with your water quality.

Also I am not a big fan of using salt and high temperatures for anything but very mild cases of ich. I prefer just to use a medication, follow the dosage recommendations to the letter and know for certain I have killed it. If the ich is bad enough to be killing your fish (been there, done that) you are going to need to medicate. I saw results 48 hours into my treatment and didn't lose another fish after I started medicating.
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Tetras are not very salt tolerant, you could be weakening them more than you realize.. I wouldn't be using salt with them.
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