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Basement Bettas
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My betta lives in a 10 gallon tank with a filter and water heater. The temperature is about 75, but I've bumped it up to around 80 because I'm hoping his inactivity is just him being cold. 75 to cold for betta.. the 80* should make him happier.

A few months ago, I moved his tank because he was getting a lot of direct light and I was getting a really creepy algae boom.
It would stay green on his rocks and wouldn't look too bad, unless you moved the rocks around, and then all of the sudden a huge wave for green would come out from under them and dominate the tank. I tried a black out and it cleared it up, so I moved the tank to a darker area. When it cleared up the alage died.. and ended up in the gravel. How many water changes do you do? What are water parameters? A fish shop saying fine is not the same as know if you do or do not have issues with ammonia. if there have been no or little water changes that stuff is rotting in the gravel.

I used to have a very small fish living with my betta, they got along very well. Suddenly that fish has vanished and my betta lays there at the bottom of the bowl. ** If you did not find the other fish on the floor he died.. and has decomposed in the tank. Serious ammonia spiking there. He used to swim back and forth and go crazy for food. Now I never see him eat when I put food in there and he just lays at the bottom. Occasionally he will get up and move over an inch and continue laying at the bottom of his tank. He no longer flairs his fins up and does not look very happy.

I got my water checked and they said it was fine.

I don't know what to do or what I did wrong??
Should I move him back to the light and just let the algae go crazy? He seemed to have no problem with it, I just didn't like it and that's why I tried to kill it off. ** killing it off is not an issue unless you left the dead stuff in the tank. It is vitally important to know your water parameters. I don't trust the LFS to know much about what is actually healthy unless you are in a mom and pop type shop where they know what they are doing.

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you should start a new thread for that, and get a uv sanitizer, it kills floating algae
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Basement Bettas since you didn't start new thread i will respond in here.

Take hospital tank. One gallon is fine even 0.5 is fine. Do complete water change. Didn't keep his water just put him in the hospital tank. Make sure new dechlorinated water the same temperature +-2*.

Does he has any other visual symptoms on his body?

Since you saying that other fish died and decomposed i would think that your betta could get infected. Differently take him out and do water change today. See how he doing. Even when you have food in the tank on the bottom it takes 72 hrs to decompose and it can give infections. And with dead fish it even worse. So i think it the reason what is going on. And warmer water will make it worse.
I personally don't like 80* especially what you had with dead fish. The bacteria, fungus get worse with warmer water.

76*-80* is the perfect temperature though. My bettas live in 74-75* for long time and don't get sick ever.

I would also have aquarium salt ready. You can buy in in any pet store. I think he has bacterial infections.

Give us update how he doing . So we can decide if he needs aquarium salt treatment. Do you know instructions on it?

I also would definitely disinfect the tank. I can give you instruction on that. You need to move him out and don't put anything with him from his tank
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Thank you.

Basement Bettas posted that in response to my post guys.
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Basement Bettas
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Originally Posted by malonlonlon View Post
He died.
I'm giving up on bettas. I can only manage to keep them alive for a year.
That is doing better than most. These fish are put thru a lot.. and if you had if for a year you did well. Most are close to a year when you get them. Unless you get one from a breeder they are mass produced like goldfish. Break your tank down and sterilize. I like to fill the tank and add a ton of salt.. then let it sit a week. That is how I sterilize my barracks. Then drain down and rinse well. And, if you buy from a LFS stay away from "rescuing" anybody. Buy the healthiest one you can. Why get something that has problems?? You are not doing anybody any favors and you risk bringing somethingf into your home you may never get rid of. And who wants to throw money away on meds?? Before putting the fish in the tank put him in a large jar, keep warm and feed well doing every other day water changes. Watch him a bit before exposing your tank to him. If all looks good then intorduce him to his nice big home. Then stay on top of your water. Put the tank where you will not get the algae build up and again do water changes every week. there is not a fish in existence that does not need water changes..
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Agree with everything BASEMENT Bettas wrote.

Also i usually recommend wait store get new shipment if you decide to have another betta.
One year is not bad. Especially if it your first or even second one. My first betta live almost a year. Well now my bettas are old but i have bettas for about 6 years years.

BTW i do what some people don't recommend and looks like it the best, at least for my bettas. I do 100% water changes.

There is another way to disinfect the tank. I am not sure if salt and water can kill bacteria ?
I know boiling water can kill. So i would offer another way to disinfect. If you interesting i can give instructions.

Good luck. I really hope you will rescue another betta.
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fish behavior, inactive fish

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