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Old 05-29-2012, 09:25 PM   #1 
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Location: San Diego, California
Ten gallon tank mate troubles.

Sadly, cories are out because my pet stores don't carry and pygmy cories! I still have some money and I'm in need of some small tank mates for Vilkas.

Vilkas' fins were growing back in well and he's decided to take up tailbiting again, so I was wondering what you'd suggest for tank mates. He seems to be entertained by the shrimp (he doesn't bite when they're out and about) but they hide while I'm out at school.

I was considering moving his tank to my brother's room so he sees more activity during the day, because he won't bite when there's someone paying attention to him. I don't think I'd be able to move it anytime soon, so what do you think I should get him and how many?

He's in a ten gallon with two ghost shrimp and lots of swimming room and hidey holes. My parameters are usually near perfect and I have fairly hard water. I do a 2-gallon change weekly, and I'm willing to do more.

I was looking at neon tetras, but they have similar ones in black called ghost tetras (or something similar, they're really closely related to neons) and wondered if they'd work.
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Sena Hansler
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Location: CANADA
I avoid neons, mainly because they are VERY active and will just stress the betta out especially in a 10 gallon... If there were a long tank, you could do it, but for now, we'll work on what you can do

For his tail biting: El Dorado was moved to the high traffic area that is my living room. He stopped biting.
For the shrimp: I suggest getting the numbers to 6 the more, the merrier! Plus then the more brace they become...
For tank mates: ADF frogs would be nice - however I don't think they'll like shrimp? They might nom them!!!
Or plain short finned female guppies. No fancies, or bright males.
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Location: Virginia, USA
Generally tetra aren't a good idea in a 10 gal tank. They really need a 20 gal or larger. They also have a reputation as fin-nippers unless they are in groups larger than 10 (which would be cramped in your 10 gal tank). Ember tetra are some of the only tetra that I would recommend, but you need rather soft water. Some of the dwarf rasbora like the mosquito rasbora could work, but again you need soft water for these species to thrive as most specimens in stores are wild-caught.

All of the fin-biting episodes I've dealt with have been while I'm away. I would certainly try moving him to an area of higher traffic. I've also helped prevent fin-biting by giving my boys "flare time" every day. I've also noticed less fin-biting in aquariums with lots of cover. But ever case is different.
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