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Not Sure What This Is?! Bacteria or Parasite? Strange!

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had ever looked at their aquarium water? I mean REALLY look at it. Like almost up close on the glass of the tank.

Well I was looking at one of the decorations in my bettas tank then started thinking about something else, so the focus of my eyes changed (much like a camera) then I was looking mid water and saw little white things skirting around. They were MICROSCOPIC, I swear! They inched around much like how the way Baby Brine Shrimp move round. I pretty much have them in all of my aquariums, but my two betta tanks have the most of it.

I am 17 years young and I was able to see them while focusing hard, my dear mother on the other hand (40-somthing years old) had a very difficult time finding/seeing them. So, I don't know if it will depend on your age if you are able to detect them in your water or not.

So my main question here is, if anyone has seen them before in their tanks water column and if you know that they are general bacteria that keep our aquariums "operating" or if they are parasites/larvae that I must have?

(I think I have read somewhere that the beneficial bacteria in our aquariums aren't usually free-swimming but are rather living on the objects in our tanks...?)

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they're just micro crustaceans and things that occurrs naturally in water systems, usually just copepods and some other mini creatures. None of them will harm your fish and they all thelp with the decomposition process. They usually skit around the water. and if you look very careully you might even see their antennaeas. bacteria is usually microscopic and you wouldnt be able to see them :)
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Probably some sort of crustacean, namely water fleas. Also known as daphnia, yes that stuff you buy frozen at the pet store.
These things are supposed to be like betta snacks, I've never seen mine hunt the life in the tank but I'm sure they do. Their eggs exist in the tap water and they populate when you provide them with a good place to live.
My tank is full of stuff like this and I don't mind at all, makes things more "complete" if you will.
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wheww, thanks for the good news, haha. I was worried all night, wondering if I need to go out and get medication for the parasite.
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bacteria, parasite, water chemistry, water column, white spots

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