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what should i do i need help

ok so today i went to petco and i asked for a few ottos for my betta sorrity they told me my bettas would kill them so he ended up selling me a chinease algae eater then after i bought it a girl who works there told me ottos would have been a better choice because the chinease algae eater will get big and kill my bettas so my question is do i return it or can i put it with my male betta hes way bigger than my females

what is your opinions on ottos

will this algae eater be ok with my male betta (10 gallon tank)

should i put it in a fish bowl until tomarrow?

its like he/she clings to the sides with my bettas between it and the glass
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Sena Hansler
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Don't put it in a bowl. It's still small, right? Good. It's fine for now. But yes, return it. For otos you should really have 4 or so in a group so they feel safe. YES they are alright with bettas, but some bettas can be mean. I watch mine stalk the poor siamese algae eater

I have a SIAMESE algae eater. It is MUCH smaller than the CHINESE algae eater and not as aggressive apparently. Avoid plecos, obviously, as I have one that is 8 inches or so big and sticking that in a 10 gallon?! No. They grow big FAST

The chinese algae eater will out grow the tank and yes cn hurt or kill your betta. You could find a siamese algae eater but a warning... they are profficent cleaners. they clean and clean and CLEAN!!! I do not have a speck of algae in my tanks because he finishes within days - so make sure to get algae wafers, and even some cucumber now and then if you did get one.

OTOS should have hiding spaces, and lots of plants/ornaments to hide under and behind. They can be skittish! Usually a sand substrate is best for them, but gravel is "alright".
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