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It is all really confusing. I read youcan condition them to be fully salt water I have read you can leabe them with just aq salt. My molly looks just like that only the tail has a dif shape. My spotted one looks just like that with specs of yellow. The babies are doing fine with just 1tsp aq salt/gal water. I have limited suppliesatm and Im in college so Im doing best within my limits. I know some people will flame me for that but its okay, my momma molly survived the birth and is doing well and the fry are fat bellied and active. So I think Im doing alright as a first time fry mommy
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Twilight Storm
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Yeah I am definitely not going to keep them in full salt water. Honestly if I was going to go full saltwater I wouldn't be keeping mollies in it. ;) The other things stopping me is the money involved in setting up a salt water tank, and my lack of knowledge in keeping one healthy.. oh did I mention the money involved in salt water tanks? :D

I won't flame you for using aquarium salt btw. I just was reading the marine salt has more minerals that mimic the tidewater that they live in. But seeing as they can be kept in fresh water, I think the only difference is trace minerals in the salts?

Petco has a smaller box of marine salt mix that probably couldn't hurt to try with my mollies to be.

The aquarium salt I have is a tiny box and it's lasted me a year already, and will probably last me many more to come before it's gone for my betta emergency room lol.

(Yes I know I will use more marine salt with every water change but I want to see how fast I go through it before I buy 50 lbs of salt and end up using it on my driveway or something in the winter. LOL!)

You better keep your baby picture post updated btw :) I want to see how they develop. Their little fat bellies are so tiny right now. Your boyfriend has a nice camera btw
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Oh okay! Ill keep that in mind next trip to petco! Thanks for twlling me. And yea they are so stinking tiny!! Its hard to keep track of all of.them! But i have 16 live moving and eating fry. I bought what they need to survive so i am excited to see how they grow i will be taking pictures evrry week to show development. I dont know who the father was so we will see how they all look! And thank you his camera is tons of fun to take pictures with!
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