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Ah really Jeff?
That's restored my faith xD
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You just don't want a massive female and a pint-sized male. lol
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I am a UK betta breeder.
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Oh really Damo?
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Lots and lots of different ways to successfully keep, spawn and rear fry of this species and just as many opinions based on personal experience, facts and what a hobbyist has read as well as myths.....

It can cost as much as you want to spend or very little......You can breed for show or for the learning experience.....IMO as long as you are responsible and respectful of the fish....Go for it......

While VT are often viewed as the "Mutt"........this is usually by hobbyist that are IBC oriented and show since the IBC doesn't have a standard for VT's....What is forgotten however,.....the VT is the tail type that got the "Betta craze" started....I like to view the VT as the grandfather....had it not been for the VT we wouldn't have the tail types we have so, if any tail type is a should be the other tail type since they started from the VT...even the PK is just a short tail VT.....All are man-made from years of selective breeding after all.....

A Betta is a either meets standard or it doesn't based on the IBC standards.....One difference can be in known and unknown lines/genetics....None are perfect or meet standards 100% and this is a good thing....and what keep us breeding/spawning...etc....

By breeding/spawning known genetics you can continue that breeders lines that they have worked on for years, however, you can still get some surprises-some still don't breed true.

By breeding/spawning mystery genetics-you can get lots of surprises and maybe even create something unique, special, the most beautiful or the ugliest Betta that only a mother could

It takes longer to reach goals with unknown genetics- if you have specific goals in mind and if you want to show your Betta-it is really better to join the IBC, get a mentor and the best known genetic/related pair you can afford.....But, if you want to create your own unique line......start with mystery genetic, mix tail types and plan on a lot of hard culling and work.....

Even with known genetic you are going to need to cull-you still get deformed, poor quality and fry that don't meet standards...etc.....just like with unknown genetics and even in the wild that go through natural selection.

When you plan to breed you have to be able to cull and if you can't bring yourself to do this....then breeding may not be for you more than one time to experience it.

Rehoming your offspring is often the hardest part-only so many friends and family can take them, you can only keep so many....You have craigslist, Aquabid, local aquarium club members and forums, but you may have shipping involved...this can be costly.

You are not going to make money, if anything it will cost you much more than you make until you get quality fish along with the reputation.
But it can be so much fun and rewarding rearing your own Betta from spawn to adult.....

Most Ma & Pa type pet shops won't buy even the best quality Betta from local hobbyist breeders unless you are known by them. If they do buy your offspring it is usually for pennies or for store credit or free to be used for feeders, however, there are exceptions-each pet shops, location...etc...are different

The Box type pet shop has contract with fish farms and rarely if ever take local hobbyist offspring.

While you can end up with hundreds of fry in a single spawn, usually you will only end up with 20-40 more or less that you rear to adults and this is a good manageable number for a first experimental spawn, however, some can get lucky and have 100's to deal with...but its rare and why hard culling is needed/advised.....

Most important....Have fun but be responsible.....
Breeding tropical fish can be rewarding and hopefully once you have a successful spawn you will try other species and grow in this awesome hobby of Fish keeping.....
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That, was an awesome post. I cannot thank you enough!
I'm to go ahead and at least try one spawn. If it's successful and the offspring are secured homes, I may try another. I will have to see how it goes!
Thank you, so much for your information, it's a fantastic help!
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