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Angry very sad

I thought i was doing everything right. Bought a very roomy vase, bought rocks and washed them in hot water, i used distilled water, put my bamboo plant in the only thing i didn't do was add conditioner to the water because pets mart told me no need to if i used distilled water. Well my beautiful little beta died after 3 days. Please offer tips or suggestions i do not want to loose another beta but they are so beautiful i do want to replace him.
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Distilled water is VERY sterile.. It contains no oxygen for one, betta do use their gills as well, though I doubt this was the problem.. I think the water was "too clean." The fish had probably been in a dirty cup for so long that being put into such clean water shocked him.

Fish cannot live in distilled water.. They need minerals in the water, they take it in through their gills and bodies. Distilled water is devoid of all minerals. You didn't need water conditioner for it, but you really should use tap water and water conditioner.
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Distilled water has absolutely no nutrients in the water, it is pure H2O. Therefore the fish living in the water will not be able to take in the natural nutrients that they get from being in there. We use conditioner on tap water because it makes the harsh additives in the water no longer harmful. That said it is best to use tap water because it has minerals and nutrients that fish need to live long and well.

As for other needs of a betta you can find in and around this forum. Read the stickies and you will learn just about everything you need to know about betta care. If you have any questions beyond that you can always ask questions because we are here to help.
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Sorry :( You didn't know, not your fault. No distilled water. Use spigot water with water conditioner. I would recommend Prime by Seachem water conditioner. If you can buy smallest bottle because it has dropper lid. If the store don't have smaller bottle you can buy any bottle and use eye dropper or just simply take a spoon and just drop 2 little drops from it. Don't warry to overdose. Now don't get confused with instructions on the bigger bottles of the prime they will give you i think ml and L only but instructions the same 2 drops per gallon.

Just rinse the tank with very hot water since i don't think you need to diseanfect it. He was not sick. Or you can do 50% of the vinegar and 50% of the water. Hot water . Wash really well with hot,warm , cold water.

I saw someone recommendations to have first aid kit just in case you need to use it. Unfortunately a lot of time you can bring sick betta from the store. So if you will go to the pet store buy aquarium salt and epsom salt that you can find in any pharmacy.

And you not along who lost the betta because you didn't know something . I am pretty sure all of us learned on our own mistakes...
Good luck. Let us know when you get a betta :) I hope to hear from you soon.

One more suggestion don't ask pet store workers for fish advice, forum people will give you better advice:)
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thank you for all the suggestions. Betas can live with the bamboo plant is that correct also?
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And while you're at it get a bigger tank, a heater and a thermometer. Bettas need water that is 76*-82*F. Make sure the heater is adjustable and the tank is atleast a gallon.
Here is a link.
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Betta fish shouldn't really live in a vase, but if it is at least two gallons I would say okay to it, but its probably not. You could buy a nice aquarium kit at the pet store for about $30-$40.. it might sound like a bit, but its a tank, usually 2.5 to 3.5 gallons, a filter, and a light. You only need to buy a heater for about $20, and some gravel for $5. Betta fish are tropical fish so they do require a heater. It is a common misconception that they can live in bowls.
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it is really cheaper to go to walmart and get the 10 gallon starter kit. Mine has it for $29.95. of course you will need a heater and thermometer to make sure it is at the right temp. Please do no keep him in a vase with a plant. Those should be outlawed. I bought the 10 gallon and divided it so now I have 2 beautiful boys. I am so sorry your boy did not make it. I agree with everyone else to read the sticky about how to care for a betta. You will learn alot. Welcome..:)
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If you want a cheap large tank I would recommend petco, their fish usually suck but their tank prices are very good. I know there is a "Deluxe 10 gallon kit" that comes with a heater, filter, net, food, lights and a hood for about 40-50 dollars. This is usually the best you will find NEW but you can also look around thrift stores and garage sales for second hand fish tanks for pennies on the dollar.
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Sorry to hear about your betta fish.

I hope all these responses aren't scaring you off. Yes it is a bit of work (and a little bit of spending required) to set up a good home for a betta fishie but once they are set up, they are easy to care for and great little pets.

As bettachkalove said, don't ask at the pet shops for advice as they usually give the wrong information, particularly in regards to betta fish care! It sounds like your fishie couldnt handle the drastic change in environment, and the environment wasn't too suitable for him either.

Tap water and water conditioner is best. Also when you get a new fishie, make sure you aclimatise them to the new water conditions before putting them in.

There is a lot of other info I could share but it has already been written down by people much more experienced than me lol. Have a look at some of the other threads in this forum on how to set up a suitable home for your betta, and let us know if you have more specific questions =)

Things you should consider:
- tank size (how big is your vase?)
- filter
- heater and thermometer
- what you are feeding him
- cycling the tank before adding a fishie
- conditioning the water correctly (dechlorinator)
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