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Betta Died, Not Sure Why...

So, I went to go feed my boys tonight and I found Lucius dead in his tank, but I just can't think of any reason for it. He was in a 5.5 gallon, heated tank. He'd just had a 100% water change two days ago and his tank water was treated with API Stress Coat water conditioner.

I'm just at a loss. He was acting a little odd, but nothing that had me too worried. Two nights ago, he was a little clamped and sulked at the bottom of his tank. But the very next day he was at the top of the tank begging for food, so I figured he was fine. Then this morning he was sulking at the bottom of his tank again. But he looked okay other than that. His pectoral fins were moving, he didn't seem to be struggling to breathe. So I just thought I'd give him a while before I started really worrying, since he seemed to perk right up after I gave him some time the last time he acted that way.

Can you guys think of anything? Here's a bit more information if it helps:
Tank size: 5.5 gallons
Heated: Yes
Filtered: No
Water Conditioner Used: API Stress Coat
Water Changes: One 100% and one 50% weekly. He was due for his 50% change today, but that didn't happen for obvious reasons...
Food: Omega One Betta pellets, 2-3 pellets twice per day, sometimes frozen bloodworms or FD bloodworms as a treat
Age: Not sure, but I had him for about 5 and a half months
Symptoms: Hanging at the bottom of the tank, slightly clamped fins and a little lethargic

I know it isn't a problem with the water here because my other two boys had their water changed the same day as him and they're both fine. The only thing I could possibly think of is some sort of internal parasite that I didn't catch. I don't feed live food, but some pond snails did end up in his tank and he ate the snails... But that was at least two weeks ago and I hadn't seen any symptoms until now....

I'm so frustrated!
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so sorry that has happened.
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