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Old 06-09-2012, 05:02 PM   #11 
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Thank you all so much! I really like this site.
I thought he might have swim bladder disease so I attempted feeding him peas. He didn't get them and seeing as they're frowned upon, I'm glad.
He won't really eat and hasn't relieved himself.. lol, I guess it is stress and getting used to it.
He does seem to be getting better as the days go by. More swimming around. He loves this one shell ornament that he hides in. Its like a ceramic dish(never used previously and washed) that's shaped like a shell. I originally had it in to not make the gravel disperse as I poured in water. But ended up keeping it in.
The plastic plant is curved and light, so I don't think its a danger to him. I'll definitely look for real plants, caves, and/or driftwood that I'll prepare properly.
And friends will be for the future. Once he's set and happy in there.
Owning an aquarium is exciting.
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I"ll also get the kit.
And I lowered the flow given off by my filter using a plastic bottle, learned from this site.
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Twilight Storm
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Welcome to the forum BettaJen

Hold onto your 2 gallon aquarium it will turn out to be a great tank to medicate him if he ever gets sick. If and when you do get buddies for your betta it might be a good place to quarnteen them too before you add them to your 10 gallon in case any newcomers are ill from the store.

A good relatively cheap thing to get is a small box of aquarium salt. Often in many cases if your betta does get sick the safest treatment often recommended, (depending on the illness of coarse.) in many cases, will be with aquarium salt. API makes a small box, from what I remember it is only a few dollars. (It saves a lot of time to have it on hand in case you need it fast.)

You may want to put something over the intake tube on your filter. Some fish like halfmoon bettas, or any betta with very long fins can get hurt by getting them sucked into the intake tube. Some people use panty hose, I like pre-filter sponges or filter foam, because it gives another place for the beneficial bacteria to build up. (Plus my fish love to sleep on the side of the sponge where the gentle suction holds them there.... I have lazy fish into

Keep in mind these are only suggestions, what works for someone may not always work for someone else.

try to keep your tank around 78-80 degrees though. With summer here, air conditioning/cool night time temps could make the water cold. A thermometer that sits inside the tank is a really good investment, as well as a good adjustable heater.

If you have questions just ask, this is a great community of people who will do their best to help.
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