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Old 06-09-2012, 07:10 PM   #1 
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Cherry Shrimp in breeding tanks

I read on anouther forum(Better Betas-maybe).
A lady said she keeps Cherry Shrimp in her breeding tanks,they help with clean up and do not bother the eggs or fry.
Has anyone here tried this?
Do your adults(while they are in the breeding tank)mind having the shrimp in there?
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My first time breeding was an accident (the male escaped while I was at work - I learned my lesson) and I had ghost shrimp in the tank. I thought that I might as well leave them in there but soon enough, my fry started disappearing. I'm not sure whether to blame the shrimp entirely but when I removed them, the numbers stopped dropping. Then I did add some cherry shrimp. They did a great job keeping the tank clean but by this point, the fry were probably too big for the cherries to catch and eat. I wouldn't recommend having the shrimp in the tank until the fry get a bit bigger.
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Since I spawn using a more natural method-The RCS are part of my little ecosystems and I have not had any problems with them bothering the nest, eggs, fry...etc....., however, I have seen them eating dead/dieing fry and/or eggs that are not tended-but this is what I want them to do....

Ghost shrimp are another story all together....they can and will attack, kill, eat even healthy/viable eggs/fry-but they also eat their own young and Red Cherry shrimp do not.....
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Old 06-10-2012, 01:01 PM   #4 
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While ghost shrimp ARE known to attack and eat fish (even larger ones) and will also eat their own young (or anything that can fit in their mouth, lol), cherry shrimp are usually considered more passive and will NOT eat their own babies
I have ghost shrimp in my sorority (I HAVE seen them go after my smaller females)
I also have cherry shrimp in my 2.5 gallon NP tank.... when I bought the shrimp they came with a few surprises... along with a few baby snails there was a baby platy, def small enough to be eaten by the shrimp during travel... or during the month that she was in the 2.5 gallon with them

Whether or not you decide to put the cherry shrimp in your breeding tank or grow out tank is up to you.... but don't forget that there is a possibility that the cherries can get eaten though!
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