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From what I've gathered so far--ClestialPDs can handle hard water with a betta, but, as koimaden said; they prefer colder water.

Is theaquariumwiki any reliable?

How long have you had those zebras with the bettas? :) If they really do work out, I'd love to mix in those glo zebras in.

Oh and koimaden, I have always liked archer fish since I saw them on discovery channel as a kid. :P Someday, when I have my 100 gal in the near future, I will attempt to get them. :)
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Originally Posted by djembekah View Post
my zebra danios do just fine with my bettas. they were with one male for awhile, now the sorority girls are in there with them. no one bugged anyone, though they'll chase each other away from food sometimes.
ORLY? :) How long have they been together? If they do work out, I'd love to add those glo zebras.

As for koimaden, I have always loved archer fish since first seeing them on the discovery channel as a kid.

As for the CelestialPDs, I am a little determined to try and snug those in if possible, but if it's a definite no on the temperature, then I can look at other options.

Many thanks :)
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"Alrighty. :) Any recommendations on how to place them out to a new home?"

Ugh. . I had the same problem when I mistakenly thought I could put platys with my betta. It didn't work out and I made a joke that I was going to sneak them back into Petco when no one was looking .. like just dump them into the plant tank or something and be all like "I don't know how they got there .. . what platies? " (I figured in my evil scheme that platies could live on the anacharis until they were noticed . . ha ha)

Well now I just have a stupid tank of 3 platies .. ha ha. They are cute but I really bought them as betta tank mates. Good luck getting rid of your fish, try to bring them back to the store?

BTW my anecdote is a JOKE so no one get upset and say I am horrible .. . :)
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Originally Posted by NOUrTheComsat View Post
Well I must admit i dont know how to test hard/soft water. I can say there is a mineral build up around the rim above water. Also my PH is 6.8, if it matters. LFS sell test kits?
Hmmm. You can often find your local water hardness online. Most cities in the US publish water quality reports that often have the hardness. GH and KH are what we're looking for.

Originally Posted by NOUrTheComsat View Post
Is theaquariumwiki any reliable?
Eh. I prefer to use The info at theaquariumwiki seems to be kinda dated some times. is another place that has very reliable information.

I just made a big oops. I mixed up celestial pearl danio with white cloud mountain minnows. CPD can live at temps up to 79F. But CPD can be kinda feisty and should be kept in groups of 20 or more to keep the aggression in the group. Here is some more info on them: Celestial Pearl Danios (Danio margaritatus) TFK Profile
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my male was with them for a few weeks (long story short, thought he was a female because that's what he was sold as, started my sorority, realized he was male, took him out), and now my females have been with them for a couple weeks. they seem to be a happy bunch :)
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