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I disagree. u have to treat ur original tank as well. Actually, I don't see a reason for a quarantine tank. Why wouldn't u just get rid of all ick at once rather then dealing with 2 separate systems?

I had ick with corries and live plants including a moss ball. What worked for me with no stress to any animals, plants or bio-filter was Metronidazole. It's safe for everything, even a snail, and doesn't stain water. People say it's best to feed it rather then just dump the powder in water. i had a pretty bad case, especially on my pleco, and i completely eliminated the problem with just one round of dumping, not feeding. I'm sure other things work too, but i can tell you what didn't do the trick for me - Kordon Ich attack and QuickCure.

My suggestion:
1. Finish the heat treatment. As I said, I don't see a reason for the quarantine tank. But if you wanna use it, change water and raise temp + salt in the original tank too. I didn't get if your main tank doesn't have gravel or the quarantine one, but either way if u have any gravel u gotta vacuum it. if not - less work for you :)
2. If the heat treatment works then great. if not then dose the entire tank with medication
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I've had a Ich outbreak about a month and a half ago(few different tanks) and heat solved it for all of them(the original one that brought it needed aq salt for 3 days then heat only)
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I decided against a quarantine tank do I could treat my entire tank. My fish seems ok with the heat and his ick has disappeared, I'm going to treat with heat for 2 weeks to see what happens, thanks everyone for the advice, I'll keep you updated. Also I'm not using salt either.
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