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Old 06-13-2012, 09:23 PM   #11 
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Thats pretty sweet! Are you going to be selling plants? Also, does those lights come in 12, 13, or 14 watt? I want to get a few for my 10 gallon.
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Twilight, as I mentioned above, I've got the same tank, and in my opinion yes, condensation can get up into the space with the bulb.

I'm still using the original florescent bulb with this tank.

I do have a standard 5.5 gallon glass tank that came with an incandescent bulb. I've thought about those Walmart replacement bulbs but those mixed reviews also make me nervous.
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So far I have no smell, and no issue with the bulbs. Maybe I picked up two gems? Well I used the original bulb with this tank for a long time and I never had an issue with condensation getting into where the bulb is there is a protective sheet of plastic that goes between the bulb and the water. The only problem I get with this tank is that if you fill it all the way it leaks at the rim. I started this tank earlier and my plants are already reaching up towards the light. So far no complaints and I leave my lights on all day.

My 10gal has plants it's not a Npt, but I use a t5 lamp (boyfriend bought me a super nice hood!) and some liquid ferts. That's where I get all my plants for these two and I bought a couple extra.

Anywho the Molly fry are 13 strong as of today. It's amazing watching them grow and their colors are so awesome! They eat like pigs ! I feed them frozen baby brine shrimp, crushed flakes, and infusoria. Sorry if I butchered the spelling!

They love exploring the plants now. I think they like the change of space.

I will def post up on any issues if they come up with the bulbs. OldFishLady was the one who told me to try Walmart or home depot for bulbs. You could try other types. Petco has bulbs for $10 each that are close to 6500k but not exactly.

Thanks for all the compliments guys! I will be selling some of the fry when they get older to good loving homes as I don't have enough space for all these babies. tear. Lol anyways thanks guys! I'll be posting updates!
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