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Need a little help with my betta, Dry Ice.

So, for the last two days, Dry Ice--my betta--has been swimming up and down and all around his tank like a total mad man. Then he rubs against the rocks in the bottom of his tank, as well as his decorations. He lives in a one gallon tank that stays around 75 degrees because that's room temperature. I change his water weekly because there is no filter and his water gets icky otherwise.

I recently moved across the country so that might explain any oddities with him, but he's never done this before.

There are no white patches on him, no gold color, nothing. Does he have ick or something?
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Weekly isn't enough for 1 gallon.. every second day would keep the ammonia down. Maybe the change in water source/lack of changes/too cold water is irritating him.. if he has no white spots (they look like little salt crystals sticking up off the skin) keep watch for a few days. They may appear - ick can infest the gills first, so you won't see it right away.

If the spots do appear, get back to the forum and someone will tell you how to treat it. He could have other parasites.. but until a clear symptom comes up, it's best not to medicate, IMO. It cou;ld be something like gill flukes, too, which you won't see.. but he'll start 'gasping' a lot with his gills if he has those (constant opening and closing.. not to be confused with flaring).

He needs a heater. One gallon is hard to heat.. so maybe a bigger tank?

Ick and other illnesses are often set off by too cold temps. Change his water more often, too- ammonia exposure is really, really bad for fish.

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