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betta fish crazy
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Fish for this 10 gallon?

I have a 10 gallon with an Aqueon Quiet Flow 10 filter. The tank currently has 2 platies, which I've had for 4-5 weeks, and one Honey Gourami, which I've had for about 2-3weeks.
I decided that it's about time to add more fish, but I'm not sure which ones. I was thinking about 3 male guppies, but I read somewhere that the gourami will be agressive towards them. The gourami seems fairly peaceful now, and I haven't had any problems with agression so far.
I need people's opinions on what kind and how many fish I should get for this tank. I would like to avoid agression and overcrowding.
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Are you trying to cycle your tank?
Do you know the hardness and PH of your water? Hardness can determine what kinds of fish will do well in your tank.
Do you know whether your platies are male or female? So you don't have any baby platies try and keep either all males or all females. If your keeping males and females together you should aim for 2 females to every male so the females are not getting harassed by males.
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