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@teeneythebetta, thank you so much. :) I'll probably start a thread once he's over here with updates, just in case anything goes wrong and I need to start asking people for advice.

And @Ilikebutterflies, that's a really good idea-- I have one heater currently that would probably work better in a smaller tank (it heats easily to 78, but I'd feel better at 80ish), and for some reason the 2-5 gallon heaters at my local petstore are less expensive than the 2-gallons-and-less ones. (I don't know why, haha.) So I might try that. :)
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Originally Posted by ZubinBetta View Post
You might upgrade the poor betta to a larger, heated tank, and when your neighbors return you could give them the whole apparatus, with betta much improved in health. There's no need to confront anyone, but it sounds as though they just don't know how to care for their fish; you could take this opportunity to educate them on what's required for fish flourishing, and then leave it at that. You would be showing them a better way and taking the first step for them, but then "the ball is in their court."
I agree with this completely. You mentioned that they'd been amazed at the size of your betta tanks, so they might really appreciate the fact that you wanted to give their daughter a "surprise" (since they're family friends) and did up her betta tank. Then you could gently explain about how happy he is, and how healthy and he'll live longer...Don't say anything about the conditions before, so that no-one is being blamed and you're not imposing your knowledge on them. By just giving them the improvement and maybe a child-friendly book on betta care (again, just as part of the upgrade surprise gift) they will get the message without being expressly told. :) I think if you preface the entire thing as a surprise for their kid/kids, it'll go over well. :)
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