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Old 06-14-2012, 09:31 AM   #11 
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Agree with everything, just want to add something :)

Also if you can you can even bring water up to 85-86*. Temp over 86* and the Ich is said to stop reproducing and some even say it will kill the Ich.

Also use 2tsp aq salt/gall. Make daily 100%water changes. Well you already know that sorry if I repeat

Wash and dry out everything you are using between changing the water (net, cup that you put him in ) everything wash with hot water and let it dry out for 24 hrs until next change.

By air drying the net and container between uses will kill any ich….
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Good point about the net!

That's the salt/heat method up there ^ -- just to be clear, don't use it with stronger medications -- one or the other.

Salt/heat is great. I'd advise using it but the respiratory difficulties the betta had worry me a bit.. so maybe if he's not panting so much now, try the salt/heat at recommended dose/length of time (there's more about this treatment in the sticky on fish diseases.. worth looking up) -- and if it comes back, or he has further trouble breathing, rest him from the salt a few days and try Protozin or equivalent.
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Muneca - Have you seen any other spots besides the original spot on the lip? Was the spot raised like a pimple ie. raised w/a white tip? A great pic was posted showing typical ich and ich is smaller white spots that are *slightly* raised. You can only see they're raised if you see the fish from the side. Also, you'll see a few more spots before the AQ salt takes effect. Ich initially attacks the gills because it's a free-floating organism. They rest on the gills and then they "bloom". You won't be able to see it with the naked eye. That is why the fish originally starts gasping at the onset of ich before we even know it's present. Once we can see it (the white spot) the parasite is already present and going through it's cycle. That's why you'll typically see a few cycles of spots before any meds/salt take effect. I've never seen ich effect a fish's capability to open his mouth, however, anything is possible. My first thought was that he injured his mouth. However, if you're seeing more spots like the one's posted in the pic then you're definately dealing with a parasite. The high temp and salt treatment is best method for ich and everyone has given you awesome directions on how to do it. I've used it in the past in my community tank and it was the only method that completely removed it. However, it's pretty harsh on our fish (as is any med treatment) so you just need to make sure you're treating the correct problem before moving forward.
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I want to thank everyone for their help - Mickey is back to normal and is doing great!!
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Good to know,thank you for update :) Keep doing good job!
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