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So addicting!

It's crazy how addicting Bettas are! I started with Fred, who is now thriving. He does his happy little dance when he sees me (except he's not such a happy camper on Sundays when I don't feed him, lol). And, it sounds silly, but he's really added so much happiness to my life. I like making him happy. He's blossomed so much and I wanted to help another Betta.

So I talked hubby into letting me get another 5 gallon tank for the other side of my desk. That way when I work (from home) I have Fred on my right and the new Betta on my left.

So we went to Petco and I fell in love with a Double tail and had to bring him home. Here's a (bad cellphone) picture of him.

And while I was looking at all the Bettas I came across a smaller (although not baby) Betta. He was alert and looked me straight in the eyes, almost begging me to take him home. His container says he's a Halfmoon, but I have no idea if if he is or not. His fins are a mess.

So, even hubby agreed we needed to rescue him. They agreed to give us a discount because of his condition. He'll now by my daughter's fish, although, of course, he's really my third -- and final or hubby'll kill me -- fish.

Here's a couple pictures of him.

I posted in the emergency section asking advice for how to help him if anyone has any ideas.

I'm going to have to steer clear of the Betta section in stores from now on because I absolutely cannot bring anymore home. I love them so much and want to help them all. I'm going to have to be content with my three. I think they should come with a warning, warning, is very addictive! lol

And we need naming advice for them both, any ideas?
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Congratulations! You are to be commended--and are!--for opening your heart to these charming creatures. Good for you (and them) for giving them new homes! Naming them is always so hard, but I have discovered that they get along perfectly well without proper names. The love is what matters more. And the steady stream of betta pellets, and the clean water, etc.
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Blue Fish
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He might be a double tail based on how his tail is split. I feel your pain, I did the same thing today...went to the store for stresscoat, came home with a new 10 gallon, new plants, and 2 new bettas...and looking for directions on how to split a tank. ;)

As for names, I like to go to the online babyname sites, that way you can browse, or if you want a certain beginning letter, etc, you can check them out. :)
I do mine by color...Buckley is royal Blue halfmoon, Somerset is a pink/scarlet crowntail, and two new fish have yet to be named, but one is a gold halfmoon (sadly, in about the same condition as your smaller boy...he's been there awhile, his water was filthy, and he'd just about eaten his own tail...when I picked up his bowl he looked at me, and we both knew he'd be coming home... :) ) and the other is a pink/reddish doubletail. :)

Your blue boy is already a lovely fish, and I'd bet that under your care and love that your other boy will be a really lovely guy too very soon. :) I don't see green all that often, and I wonder how much different he'll look when he's healthy! :)
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