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Since you have him in a bowl, you could use a turkey baster. I am currently housing a betta in a kritter keeper until his 5 gallon is cycled. I use the turkey baster for that betta. It causes VERY LITTLE to no disturbance in the water. Hope that helps you a little bit.
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I only use drinking (purified not distilled) water; I don't use tap water, but today I used Spring Water since someone brought up maybe there was something wrong with my drinking water and I didn't want to risk using tap water...

I'm a little bit worried about him, even though he's responsive now. I blow at his water gently when I want his attention, and he darts about actively again. But he's having balancing problems (I believe someone told me that could happen if you use too much salt, which I accidentally did when both my mom and I added salt independently of each other but did not know the other did so).

He's just sleeping on his side now, and I still think he might have a vision problem because he's having a lot of difficulty finding his food. His bottom fin is also extremely clumped for some reason. He's breathing fine, so I don't think it's the water anymore (and I made sure to add the Kent, just to get rid of any extra ammonia that might be hanging around). The discoloration of his head is starting to worry me...there's no growths or anything it just looks like patches of his color just...fell off :(. Here's an updated picture.

Oh and thanks for the turkey baster idea guys!! I tried using a straw today and put my finger on the other end which holds some water and slowly changing his water that way (so he wouldn't get too stressed). I will look into getting a turkey baster, that sounds better than a vacuum at the moment, since the reviews said that those things can be too strong!
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in read not to use purified water due to the fact that tap water has minerals in it that fish need and purified water weaken the vacuum just elevate the end of the hose more to the level of the vacuum..but a turkey baster does sound a lot better rite now.i move a lot of water so the vacuum really comes in handy.i thought of using a spare pump i have to remove the water faster but stick with the vacuum instead
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Oooh yeah that was definitely a good idea! I definitely needed to revamp my water changing, just wasn't sure how. Putting him in a separate container thing was stressing him out too much. At the moment, I think a turkey baster sounds better just because he's in a bowl.

Yeahh, I'm also a smidge concerned with Arizona tap water, I suppose, just because I know they had that one carcinogenic a decade or so back that caused leukemia. I know I hate the taste of the water here :P. I was thinking maybe since Spring Water is naturally filtered, it'll have all the minerals as well but be safer than tap water as a temporary solution until he gets better!

I think he may be constipated too. He's been eating the past 2-3 days but he hasn't really been pooping. I am quite a bit concerned about him :(
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missmayr...ur in arizona? i would use a turkey baster for a bowl.i have atleast a 2 gallon aquarium im using to keep mine in so i prefer the vacuum.well its also great for cleaning the waste and old food at the bottom to help prevent any diseases and ammonia...

thats a good question about spring water though,,im not sure if they have minerals or not.i cant afford much so i go with what i have..

if you think he is constipated.stop feeding him for a day.give him 1 cooked pee that u have taken the shell off.let him eat that.remove it after a while though just like regular food..peas r great for clearing the digestive skipping a day of feeding will help give the digestive system a break and catch up..i occasionally go a day without feeding my fish.

dont worry about starving them.ive read some1 had a fish and it wasnt fed for 3 months.though im not sure if its true.i do know they can go a while without eat.though i can understand it being hard to skip a day.i sometime cheat and sneak a piece of worm in there ;)
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Twilight Storm
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I don't know what other advise I could give but the other people seem to be more help then I am.

Be well and I hope he gets better for you
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