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I am so sorry for your little fish - you did what you could, and don't feel bad.. this looks like a really aggressive columnaris infection, it can kill in 24 hours (this seems like it was quite rapid, too..) and when it's that aggressive is really hard to treat even with the best antibiotics.

Please don't be too disheartened to try again!

However, it's probably a good idea to clean your fish's tank out with some bleach before putting another fish in. Rinse it really well after and leave outside if possible for a few days, double dose dechlorinator when you fill it.

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I'd just like to personally thank all of you for your help. I'm sorry I disappeared for a few days- it was really, really hard on us. We noticed the fungus on him almost two days before it got bad- but we thought it was something else after our research. It was only when it started spreading did we worry, but by then it was too late.

For the record, I'd like to clarify that the medication that we did give him DID work; but it was far too late for him to be saved by the time we got it to him. I had taken that photo in the morning; my roommate was gone all day, and by the time we figured out what it was... It had already spread to his mouth and gills, and internally too from what it looked like. After examining the body after he had passed, it was clear the fungus had been radically reduced; but as I said, it was just too late.

Once again thank you all. We have basically everything needed to open a fishy hospital in here, so we will be prepared should anything happen to our others. We happen to have had two other Bettas before we had gotten Hades. They are healthy, perky and happy.

Yesterday we caved and purchased three Betta males that we had fallen in love with at the pet store. We had gone there to get medication and such for Darci, the fish that passed the afternoon before Hades had; as well as Blood Worms and the like to try and get Darci to eat, because he was refusing.

That's when we found our new boys, but we didn't even consider it because we had four Bettas already. Since it was radically chopped down to two, we have come from the experience saddened, but learned. We now know the signs of a fungal infection and how to prevent it, and what causes them.

Thank you all again. If it wasn't for you, we would have never learned and he would have died and we would not have known how or why. Thank you for your kind words; it means a great deal. We have learned our lesson and we grieve heavily that our lesson cost us a magnificent fish's life. We know it's not our fault but we still miss him terribly. Once more, thank you.
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you're welcome and its saddening that we all were too late.i did the samething but with 5 girls.i think if i posted sooner i could have saved them..very unfortunate you had lost him as well.

i too have a hospital for mine.well its currently occupied with a new male betta i bought an hour ago :) he was on sale.his water was dirty.i love the i got him.letting him sit in my 1 gallon hospital tank for obervation and see how he does.he has been keeping an eye on my female betta ;) maybe soon he will get lucky..

im glad you have gotten more.they are fun to have and watch.i too have learned from experience and im now more prepared.but its how we learn.some must be sacrificed in order for others to live as sad as it may be.

honestly this has been a leaning experience for me as well on your post.i too now know what to look for in case it ever happen to me.

thank you :) would like to see some pictures of your new guys if possible :)
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ETA: Just saw you lost poor Hades. I'm so sorry for you and your roomie's loss.
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emergency, fin damage, novice

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