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Old 06-27-2012, 09:25 PM   #11 
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I got good gravel at the LFS, I washed it very well until nothing was floating on the surface. have never had a problem.

You can also get small pebbles instead of the big rocks. He probably is looking for a place to hide, so getting him something to hide under, like a nice cave toy might curve that behavior, but I would not risk him getting stuck.

As to the screen, I bought some soft mesh fabric at a local fabric store and installed it on some tubing with aquarium silicone. For a round tank you can use a plastic rim from some kind of large plastic tub, like the kind from a cool whip or something. Or make a rim out of plastic air tubing like I did. My sister later made me a custom made acrylic frame for my mesh and I just LOVE it. My Betta Guppy gets plenty of fresh air while staying safe in his tank. and the mesh is soft so if he does jump, he will not get hurt when he hits the screen.

His sister Bubbles had jumped clear out of her tank right in front of me ones and hit the floor from a five foot drop... I almost died! - I picked her up and put her back in before the cat got interested, but she just "hovered" for two days after and one of her fins never worked again :(

It was the one and only time she has ever done that in her whole life, but it made me very paranoid about jumpers. So i recommend you get a cover ASAP.

You can also go to a craft store like Michaels and see if they have something you can use to cut to a nice fitting and attractive cover.
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Thank you so very much! He's gotten to where he responds when I call him "pretty boy". HA!

Is there any kind of cheaper things that I can put on the bottom of his tank? Any brands of gravel that aren't porous like the colorful gravel that most people have, and how can I clean them safely?
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Old 06-27-2012, 09:48 PM   #13 
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Thats awesome how they can learn their names, it didnt take Perseus long to learn his either, I couldnt believe it and not sure the people I tell about it

Walmart has some nice gravel that doesnt cost to much and it seems to have some sort coating on it so it doesnt really get dirty. If you want to clean it just soak it awhile in water and shake it around a few times that should do it.
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I just vacuum my gravel when I do water changes.

In the tank that is not filtered I rinse it with hot water when doing the water changes.
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Cling film, Saran Wrap, whatever is your best bet. It not only prevents jumping, but it keeps in the warm humid air for your fish to breath. You don't even have to poke holes in it. They don't breath much and you open it to feed them.

In a small tank, doing without gravel or substrate is a good idea. More water. Also, it's easier to clean and spot-clean (with a turkey baster).
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