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HOLY CARRPPPP!!! I have the same dilemma! There's a man right down the road who owns all the land from his house down to the end of the road (my end) and the house on the very end was rented, but now it's vacant. The man who owns all the land and houses (we bought our house from him) was chatting with my mom today, and he started giving furniture to my mom that was left over from when his son moved out. He also gave us a 29 gallon fish tank -.-
Of course it came with 2 heaters and a pretty fake plant, lots and lots of gravel, a gorgeous background....and it would be perfect for my Omelette to upgrade BIG from his 3 gallon to a 29 gallon (every fish's dream! lol) and start a RCS colony (I freaking love shrimp!!!!) and add some little bitty fishies....
But then again I ALREADY have 2 budgies, 2 starling, 2 goldfish, 1 betta, 1 dog, 2 cats, and a HORSE. So all of this is so overwhelming and I want to adopt out the starlings though I love them to death....but I KNOW I'll have no time for a big tank like this. But I DO love axolotls so maybe I can wriggle my way into buying one.....
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Catfish Billy
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Ha, ha! I dream of the endless possibilities of fish tanks!

Weird? I know right....
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Originally Posted by AngesRadieux View Post
I kill plants. xD All the water wisteria I bought a few weeks ago ended up dead and my moneywort isn't doing too well, either. I've been looking for hornwort or java moss, because I hear those are impossible to kill but no one near me sells it.

Though shrimp might be fun. I tried to put one in my 5.5 gallon tank with Beethoven, but the big bully killed the shrimp immediately. He didn't even want to eat it. I just found him hovering over the dead shrimp, staring at it like he was daring it to move one more time. xD Apparently there will be no tank mates for Beethoven.
Here's a link you might like for moss:

AND... consider this... marble self cloning crayfish if you like shrimp!! I'm not sure how they would go with bettas, but they may make an interesting combo.
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