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My cat Dusti had so many diseases (parents let him out, unneutered he was tomcat) he only lived to be 5 yrs old. Probably had FeLk and FIV and who knows what else. We literally woke up one morning to him dead. He had been suffering for some time and nobody did a damn thing about it. My parents suck. So I know the feeling!
Actually, I just sold some things last week to get money to take my bunny to the vet. Maybe if you have some things to sell that you don't use anymore or flyer your street offering to wash cars, windows or mow lawns you can raise some money to have your kitty checked out? :)
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It could be emotions or stress. I left my cat for 18 weeks while I went out of province. Mother checked on her several times a day, but for the first month she didn't leave my bed. She didn't eat as much. She left the room to nibble, and use the pan, and get a drink. Cats can surprise you. I had a cat who would spend 13 hours in the room with me, didn't get food or water or use the pan, she stayed in my arms.

That being said, when a cat is sick, they will hide it to the end. Showing they are sick means they are vulnerable. It's a defense mechanism. Get her taken to a vet and checked out. She may just be on the loosing side of a territorial dispute, or it might be something much worse.
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Ok, I will try. U all are worrying me D: I'm on vacation right now so theres not much I can do.
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