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Two Rescues, Two Problems.

So lately Ive taken to bringing home the sickly fish, provided Petco managers write off or severely mark down the price tag.

I have two on my hands currently who are all rather sickly, and I thought that the usual clean water, AQ salt, and treatments for their symptoms might help, but so far it hasn't.

I will try to post pics later, but here are the water stats. It's the same for every fish:

All tanks are kept in a room that is a consistant 80 degrees.
Each tank is 1.75 gallons.
Each tank gets 100% WCs twice weekly and 1 50%.
The fish are feed daily and eat New Life Spectrum pellets as their staple.
I do give them frozen Blood Worms and Brine Shrimp each once weekly.

My first guy came home with an eye illness that I assumed to be pop-eye. He's been on antibiotics for over a week now though, and still no improvement. He eats normally, though he's still timid when I'm in the room. He's not very active. His eyes are cloudy and a bit popped out, but one eye appears to have popped out and then dropped down a bit. Maybe. I guess I'll need a picture to show what I mean.

Second guy came with a shredded tail (from biting) and severely clamped fins. A week in clean, warm water with AQ salt hasn't helped him. He eats like a piggy and swims around a LOT. He even nips at his plant when feeling feisty, and he does the little "FEED ME" betta dance when he sees me in the room. As far as I can tell, he isn't rubbing or scratching himself on anything.

Any idea how I can help these guys?

My older fellas all seem to be happy with me in my fish room, and I'd certainly love to have these two back to full health. The clamped guy, in particular, is so beautiful. :o
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I think that if you keep giving them the treatments... and time... they will get better. I hope that they get better. I gave my rescue betta a month with treatment and AQ salt and now he is all better. Please upload pics.
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i got my mister blue from walmart, on his death bed. he had ripped and clamped fins, really bad. it took months for him to recover completely, it'll take time, but what i did to help his fins was i gave him some mirror action, let him stretch those babies out every once in awhile! it did wonders. (: not too much, to stress him of course. along with his treatments, but those can only last so long.
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