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Exclamation TANK ILLNESS UPKEEP- treatment of possible dropsy & popeye

Okay, I HAD a sorority in my 10 gal tank. I QT'd the newbies. They seemed healthy, added them to the tank. This morning I noticed the newbies were hiding A LOT. and then I noticed pine coning and popeye & white poop.

The 3 newbies were removed & died. That was sudden.

Somehow someday my alpha female who I had before the newbies *seems* to have not caught any parasite the others had. As a precaution, I removed her and gave her clean water. I use vinegar and water on EVERYTHING- tank, gravel, decor, filter, and I threw away the filter cartridge. I put in all clean water, maracyn two and 1 tsp/gal of Epsom salt. (she's in her 10 gal tank but i only fill it to 7 gal so I added medication and ES based on 7 gallons.)

My question: what % and how often water changes should I do? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming I add ES to each new gallon of water after performing water changes. Note the maracyn 2 should only take 5 days of treatment unless she looks sick/sicker.

ALSO- the maracyn two says to perform a 25% water change after full treatment is done. I'm assuming that means I should NOT remove 100% of the medicated water?

Any extra tips are welcome- even if you think they're obvious I might not know. Thanks!
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Sena Hansler
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Do the now-quarantined females actually have any signs of anything? If it were just the newbies, who passed away (sorry about that) I would not treat the others for anything as they shouldn't be pumped full of meds because it "might" be somethng

However in the mean time, quarantine I suggest a 50% daily depending on the size of tank.. Because you are medicating, I don't suggest doing another round unless she is actually sick.

How long did you quarantine your new fish? I quarantine mine 2-4 weeks depending if they show signs of anything or not.
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What I did on my medication is that I took my bettas out and put in 1 gal container and only used 1/10 of the antibiotic pack (1 pack for 10 gal; 1/10 pack for 1 gal) to save money on medication. But I change my water every day for 5 days.

My betta was severely infected when I dopted him. Then I let him rest for 2 days after the first treatment. Then I treat him 5 more days of myacine.

Now he seems ok popeye is gone but I still see red inside the eye.

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