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Getting a new kitten and had some questions

So we're rescuing a kitten to keep our 2 year old some company and I had some questions for anyone with car experience.

First of all, our cat is a neutered boy. Would he be all right with another neutered boy? I've heard males don't mix well but our cat is very docile and easygoing.

There was a silver tabby that took our fancy. Still weaning though and still had the newborn blue eyes. The lady said two weeks before she could be given away. Still too soon?

There was also a tortoiseshell that was very sweet. I have heard they can be very eccentric though and a little moody. Is this the case?
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I have to say calicos and torties can be moody but that's a generalization and you might find one that is gentle and loving.

It is good for a kitten to stay with its litter until 8 weeks but they can survive going to a new home at 6 weeks. They learn things from their mom and littermates so the longer they can be together the better.

If your cat is docile and easygoing there should be no problem introducing a new kitten to him, male or female. Google "introducing new cat to resident cat" and you will find some tips on how to proceed.

Kittens can and should be neutered young, anywhere from 8 weeks to 4 months is ideal, especially for males.

Thank you for rescuing and I hope whoever has the mother will spay her ASAP!
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My 2 males are 7 & 9 yrs. old. The younger one acts like a dopey baby and the older one was a stray. The older one will hiss when the other is "in his space", but there is not much physical violence. My 10 yr. old girl will be pretty peaceful with them, too. They are all "fixed".
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