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Percisely I bought him at WalMart on July 16, 2011 only to bring him home so he could die in peace.
His cup was filthy and he was lethargic, suprising though with Quick Cure and clean water he perked up and made it. I'm not sure if he had the air gulping-while-eating habit from the start or if that occurred later on. I do know I later treated him with Quick Cure again (thought he may have had pop eye) when he did have the air gulping-while-eating habit and after it he was eating normally with no problem getting the pellets.
Good digging though, sorry you took your time to do it.
His journey from the cup went to a 1/4 gallon then 1 gallon container to 2 gallon tank to 5 gallon plastic tub with 2.5 gallons of water then back to the 2 gallon tank (all no filters and not cycled) to make room to cycle his 5 gallon tank.

He was eating without gulping air when he was acclimated to the 5 gallon cycled tank that had it's filter muffled with foam. It was the only tank I had used/cleaned river rock from Lowes in. He never really explored the tank or seemed to enjoy it like the others did in their cycled tanks and was really gulping air trying/missing getting his pellets a lot by about the 6th day and I think was floating a little sideways when I put him back into the 2 gallon unfiltered tank. Only time he seemed stress in the cycled tank was at feeding time and the slight current moving his food. In the beginning he would dive down and get those that went to the glass floor (had about a 1" strip with no rock on the side I fed them on), but day I took him out he would only chase it half way down and then give up on it. From there he did get full blown SBD after about 24 hours in the 2 gal and appeared to have pop eye with one eye being worse than the other.

His eyes have always been bigger than the others and I've recently noticed just relaxing they are a smaller size, but when he starts looking for food or around they appear to pop out more. Yet at the beginning of treatment even when relaxed his eyes where buldged out and his belly and body was swollen.

Later his belly and lower end of his body swelling went down, but his head area and eyes remained swollen or buldged out along with his SBD. Today even his head swelling seems to have gone down and his eyes only buldge looking for food or around (went up on the amount of metronidazole in water treatment was the only change), yet he still has the SB problem. Yesterday I did finally find some Jungles Anti-Parasite food at the pet shop (didn't have it before) hanging up in a package and some frozen daphnia. Last night I had to process in 3 packages of fish supplies and mount 3 glass canopies on the 5 gallon tanks (1 empty waiting on Fancy Dan to get better and it will get cycled with a sponge filter), but tonight they will all start the Anti-Parasite food.

Thank you for letting me know it doesn't look like he has dropsy in the pictures. As for pop-eye since one eye was really larger than the other even relaxed I think in the beginning (before these pictures) he did have it. As for age he really hasn't gotten any bigger thus he was full grown when I got him.
I do think stress at feeding time did kick this all off with his awkward eating (since that improved in the past with medication may be parasites or over abundance of gill worms that naturally live there that get over-multiplied in times of stress). He never had SBD in the past, but air gulping trying to get pellets (some missed) probably caused the internal bacterial infection that caused it so for now he only gets soaked pellets (few that have floated he had no trouble getting) once a day and some days where skipped due to the SB problem.

Since his whole body seems to be back to normal size and Jungles Anti-Parasite food is suppose to take care of secondary bacterial/fungus infections once I have started it for 3 days should I change his water out to only be normal treated water with a regular Wonder shell to give his body a break from all external treatments for 7 days before trying treatments for his chronic SB problem? Below is what he has been through.

0610 11 days MB 0610>0622 1 drop/gallon changed daily
0615 10 days ES 0615>0625 2 tsp/gallon changed daily (done with the MB)
0626 14 days Furan-2/Kanaplex-low doses 10 days=3 day amount/Metronidazole (50% change and new medication every second day) with current change due tonight being it's 14th day of use since was waiting on medications to come in to make internal bacterial/parasite treatments or good external parasite treatment...No wait now I have Jungle's AP food. Head swelling was a little up last night, but today seems to be back to normal in his relaxed state thus the reason I considered keeping it up until he's had 3 days of Jungles AP food. Excessive treatment, but felt we where fighting hard for his life with unknown causes kicked off from stress and maybe unknown things left in the gravel. Pictures taken daily to see any progress.
Probably a wrong call, but due to no replys on what could be the possible causes or cures I did the best I could and so far he has survived it and improved since swelling is down. I probably stopped the Quick Cure to early in the past and don't want to repeat that mistake again, so please chime in.
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