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Old 07-11-2012, 01:51 AM   #11 
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Ah, well that makes sense...

I give the Zoidbergs plenty of cover, java moss & such to hide in, plus a kind of wall of tangled java fern roots & wood at the back of the tank where Cleo can't get to. This lot have all survived several months now..
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Lol, Max was a monster DG. He grew to be about...4"
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The water level was definitely not too low with the second climbing incident XD The 3 gallon was nearly full to the brim. I had to put the cover back on it to keep them from jumping clear out of the tank when I walked close. They've definitely settled down in the 6.6 gallon with Sonas, and I haven't lost one yet (that I can see. There's lots of little hidey holes!). Sonas leaves them alone for the most part. Once and a while he'll buzz through the group of them that hang by my marimo moss ball, probably just to remind them who's boss XD
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I bought six in October, when I moved in May I still had three
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I put 4 on either side of my divided tank and the bettas chased them for 2 days before they managed to eat them all >< I found one that tried to escape stuck to the top of the hood light when I went to clean the tank D: I felt kinda bad... but my bettas were very happy...
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I've never had any jump out of my 10 gallon tank... I have 4 left over from 7 that I bought

At night mine are more active, maybe because the water is colder. I have a HUGE one that I just found is female.. with eggs... and 3 others that are smaller. She likes to flit to the top of the tank along the front glass like she's saying hi to me every time I go to the tank. I also catch her up in my taller plants.. hopefully eating my fish eggs :)

On my first water change after buying them I didn't want to suck them up so I netted them and the second the net left the water they jumped like a farkin cricket and I squeeeeeeeeled like a pig cause it scared the crap out of me. Luckily it landed on the glass hinge top for the aquarium and I just dunked it back into the tank. I also had one land on the carpet and I had to get a flash light and I finally found it and put a net by it and it jumped into the net and i quickly put it back into the tank. It survived for about 2 minutes out of water. I was surprised as all get out..

Now they just stay in the tank and I go slower with my water changes and gravel vacs.

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