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Old 04-11-2008, 05:50 PM   #11 
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Cories do much better in groups of 6+, are you very attached to the ottos? Cuz you could get rid of them and get 6 cories instead. Pygmy cories are great if you want to fit a larger shoal. Honestly, your bottom will be very crowded with 6 cories (of any size), and 2 ottos. I'd recommend dropping the ottos, as they can be very delicate species. If you want someone to help clean the algae then get a few cherry shrimp, they're quite cool looking and very good housekeepers!

Oh, and wait! Your tank is not cycled yet, is it? I thought you only set it up this week or last week. Def. don't add ANY more fish until your tank is done cycling. When your tank is done, go ahead and add them, but don't add them all at the same time or your tank will go through a mini cycle again. Ottos are particularly sensitive to water quality, so they won't survive if you add them now.
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Old 04-11-2008, 06:21 PM   #12 
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ok thanks okie, ill deffinitly wait, i shouldve waited before i added superman, but i couldnt, ill wait about another week before i get anymore fish, i will deffinitly take into consideration what u told me to get
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Old 04-11-2008, 07:02 PM   #13 
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It was probably the right decision to add superman, as the 2.5 gallon wouldn't be any better for him than a cycling 10 gallon. Please make sure to test your water every day while your tank is cycling, you don't want an emergency to occur and not realize! Once your ammonia and nitrites are DEAD ZERO, and you are getting nitrate readings, you'll be ready for more fish. I know waiting is hard, but it's worth it, I swear!
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Old 04-13-2008, 07:32 PM   #14 
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I have a blue male betta, 3 schwartzi cories, 2 bronze cories, and 3 guppies in a 10 gal tank. The 2 bronze cories were gifts and the 3 guppies were food for the betta that have gotten too big to eat. The betta is BOSS. He lies in wait in the plants and chases everything else around but never hurts anyone. 2 of the guppies are female. I will be overrun with them if the fry don't get eaten. Will need more tanks!
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I have one female Betta, one female Balloon Molly, and three Otocinclus's.
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