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Betta with bumps on Body


For the past week or so I noticed my Betta has stopped swimming around his tank, and is now the floating on the top of the tank. He will move around in order to try and get food, but he is staying at the surface.

He is also having issues eating. He tries to grab food but nothing is"fitting" in his mouth.

He has two large bumps forming on his sides, and they seem to be getting bigger. I do 50% water changes every week, and have had no water issues. He is in a 5gallon by himself. Water temps are at 78. It is also a planted tank and has a filter.

What,if anything can i do?

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It might be parasites or a tumor. how's his poop look?

on a side not you might want to bump his feeding up, he looks a bit skinny (unless you've been fasting, in which case disregard that).
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I saw one at that... idk what it is
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Can you get him into a small, barebottom hospital tank? This would be best for treatment since your tank is planted. Get him into a hospital tank and add 3 tsps of epsom salt per gallon. Observe him to see if he is pooping and what his poop looks like if he is going. If it is whiteish and stringy, we're on the right track. Do daily water changes or however often you need to in order to keep up water quality in the tank and redose the salt each time. Let's try this for about a week and see if there is any improvement. If he is eating, feed him whatever he'll eat but especially foods like frozen brine shrimp or daphnia.

If he hasn't shown any improvement at all, we can jump to a medication such as API General Cure. After that, if the bumps haven't gone away and his behavior hasn't improved, I would reluctantly say he has tumors. :(

Good luck with him, the poor little fella.
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poor thing... lets hope it's not the dreaded Fish TB
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