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Idk if a betta can dig but since bettas have long tails some times they act like a broom and if they swim close enough to the sand/gravel there tails can sweep it from side to side.
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thtas cute!!! i thin kits fine.
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Originally Posted by graciebear13 View Post
My new male digs and his light is on all the time.. i have some small tank rocks on the bottom and hes made it a habit to dig a hole against the "skull" i have in the tank.. i though it was just weird because he is relativity new but is it just something they do? my other betta and the last one i had (for 7 years) never tried digging a hole..
Your betta's light is on all the time? They need darkness to sleep as they have no eye lids. Maybe that is why he digs coz he needs to get away from the light to sleep.
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Old 02-27-2012, 02:09 PM   #14 
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No need to worry, 4 of my female bettas dig all the time. At first I thought it was because of the flow 2 of my filters put out, but when I redirected and baffled the flow, 3 of the 4 females would wilt and lose their color almost immediately. However, when a let the strong flow resume, they would become happy and active again :S

If you ask me, I would think that digging is perfectly normal, as I wake up to find tons of trenches in my heavy gravel every time I smooth it out. To such an extent that every time my friend comes over, he would ask me if my bettas were trying to start a trench warfare =_=
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I was actually wondering about this myself, my betta just dug a hole/trench today. He has a little cave and some false foliage, and dug underneath the short 'plant' and rests in it. But it looks pretty normal, now.
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The first betta I ever had was a digger. He would always dig a spot for himself under this one plant he had.
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