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Originally Posted by LilMzGypsy View Post
I'm writing to update everyone that was kind enough to give advice on my sick little guy Vegas.

Unfortunately Sunday morning Vegas passed away. I was pretty sure it was going to happen on Saturday, and excepted that I was going to lose him. He hadn't eaten for several days and was not moving around any longer. Sunday morning I spent time by his tank just watching him, and my heart was so broken to see him suffering. He had no color left to him, a dull lifeless shade of grey - thin as a leaf...

It was a shock when he seemed to leap to life for a moment and dart around in his small hospital tank, but then, he just... stopped. It was all very sudden, and over within seconds. I realized he was no longer breathing. One last beautiful dance I suppose. :(

It was wonderful for all of you to give your kind words of encouragement. I care about all animals very deeply and have dedicated myself to them most of my life. The pets that become part of my family are loved and cherished and spoiled to pieces. I hold no limit to what I will do for them, and this guy was no exception.

I never knew I'd love a fish. Browsing this forum I have found that there are many that do, and understand the affection I found for my little rescued Betta. Thank you all for your help, it eases my pain to know that others believe I did my best.

RIP: Vegas, My flashy little casino man. I took a gamble, and definitely won having you come into my life.

I would like to adopt another fish at some point. Maybe when I am more prepared.. I'm moving in October, maybe once I'm settled I'll look for another guy that needs rescuing. Until then, I hope the best for all of you and all of your fish!! :) Take care! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I am SOOOOO sorry for your loss. This made me cry a little
We want to thank you for rescuing yet another betta from the pet-store-prisons.
Thanks for all you did for him, i know he had a great life in your hands.
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just giv the little guy lov and attention. but not too much attention or else he will just b all over the place and start to b annoyed and ignore u ;)
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Old 07-19-2012, 06:32 AM   #33 
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Thank you every one. You are all very kind.

@ lelei: You put a smile on my face reminding me of the rainbow bridge. :") That is very true.
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I had some trouble with holes in fins, that would lead to a sudden decline and then death- lost my Henry that way, then Starsky (Not that Hutch and Huggy Bear miss him, but I do). I have figured out since that Starsky (Hutch had holes too, and clamping, but recovered) probably had a parasite. I treated everyone with parasite stuff, and I was SHOCKED at the color Hutch is now! I bought both Starky and Hutch as females (Obviously runty males, sexed incorrectly), and so the pale blue of Heather and the light reddish of Starfish did not accurately predict the bright rainbow of greens, blues, reds, and purple that Hutch is now, or the bright red w/o irridencence that was Starsky. I would investigate parasitic infection? Coppersafe is supposed to be good, but I have 2 I am treating right now and have seen no change after 2 weeks.... I used Lifeguard fom Jungle, which is a decent all-around med for general treatment of multiple ailments. Also, Malefix uses tea tree oil, which can be a good natural anti-disease agent. But some bettas are apparently sensitive to tea tree oil, so i have seen it posted to only use it half strength. Personally, I use it double strength and find it works better. However, tea tree oil is one thing, do not ever use above the recommended dosage of anything else, or it will likely kill the fish. If you feel the time has come, clove oil added properly can end the fish's suffering. i am so so so sorry! :( And good on you for giving this fish a great place, no matter what happens!
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I am sorry to hear you lost Vegas- He had a good life with you, and well, thats the one bad thing about a good pet- nothing lasts forever. Sorry friend.
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advice, help me, loss of color, not swimming, sick betta

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