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That's so great that you rescued him and stood up for the other fish at Wal Mart! Congratulations on your new betta! Have you named him yet?
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Originally Posted by toad View Post
Aww that's wonderful! I'm so glad you rescued him

Here's the new baby, in that horrid cup, on my dashboard outside the store:

Here's his new house (I haven't put anything in it for him yet, but I will tonight):

On another note - this tank has a tube with an air stone in the middle. Any thoughts on that? I feel like it's blowing him all over when it's on and he can't get to top to breathe Should I just take it out?

And, since we're talking air stones - I bought one today for the 10 gallon tank, and now I'm worried about putting it in there. I didn't realize they cause so much movement in the water. Does anybody use air stones?
He looks just like "Buddy" who I also got at Walmart! So glad you went and rescued him..awesome. Oh, and I got an adjuster for my filter and air's just a plastic thing with places to attach the hose, and a wasn't expensive, and you can get them with two or four outlets...I'm so glad I got it. It makes it really easy to decide air flow!
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I work at my local Walmart and I'm not usually a proponent of buying Wally World fish, but when I saw my newest little dude (in my avatar) I melted. He was supposed to be a marble, but his color was all off and he was days away from fishy nirvana. I got him home and found him saturated with ich parasites. After a week of warm clean water and medications he was a beautiful little pain in the butt.
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Thanks, guys! :D I am getting really attached to this little dude; he doesn't have a name yet... I'm stuck on a few options lol. He's starting to open up his fins a little bit, which I am thrilled to bits about, but I am also seeing just how torn up he is.

I went back to Walmart - yes, again - to return the air stone I bought (I still have the one I took out of the little guy's tank, and I'm going to use that when I fill my 20 gallon I think). I had to go check on the Bettas since I was there (I couldn't just walk past them) and they were still filthy ='[ I complained for the 3rd or 4th time, and the lady that I complained to actually got on the phone with the manager about it.

Bettanewbie, that sounds awesome! I am going to look for one of those to use on the air stone I still have :)

Bethydan, your little baby is amazing looking!

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Originally Posted by toad View Post
Yeah :/ Too bad, because the bubbles are so pretty! But the fish I bought the airstone for hates any sort of movement in his water; he's got very big floofy fins and gets blown all over the place. So, back to Walmart I go...

So, while I was in line at Walmart, the guy behind me told me how he used to have a betta - "you know, one of those ones in the vase and they eat the roots of the plant? He lasted quite a while". He lasted quite a while? Sounds like a kitchen sponge, not a pet! I was about ready to cry. And all I could say was... "oh yeah?" and try to smile, since he was holding half my merchandise for me

Grrrrr I don't know what I would have done if I heard somebody say that. Makes me sad know the mentality that some people have on the hardy Betta fish. On a lighter note your new guy is beautiful hopefully you can get some pics up soon. good luck :)
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