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I would go ahead and start a treatment..If he is bloated or having any buoyancy problems use Epsom salt 2tsp/gal-If its just the fins and lethargic use aquarium salt. Both will help with the fins....but aquarium salt is better for the external problems.

Best to QT in a small bare container that can be floated in the heated tank to maintain temp in the 76-77F range for treatment...Attach it to the side so it doesn't sink and cover with a lid so he doesn't jump out...Turn off the light for the first 24h.

Premix some treatment water in a 1gal jug of dechlorinated water. Add aquarium salt or Epsom salt 2tsp/gal and a tannin source if you have one-either IAL (1lrg crushed/gal) or dried Oak leaf (20crushed/gal) Let this steep for 30min so the tannins can start to release and salt to dissolve....Shake well before use.

Using this premixed treatment water-make 25% water changes every 15min for 1 hour today....You can dump half the water out of the Qt he is in and just add the Tx water until full-then repeat until he is in 100% of the treatment water over that period of time.

He needs to stay in this treatment water in the Qt for the duration of the treatment period of 10 days.

Tomorrow start 50% daily water changes with the premixed treatment water.

If you added a tannin source-the water should look darker every day

If you have access to mosquito larva offer several rinsed several times a day to boost protein intake to promote healing and strong immune response.
You can lace/roll the pellets in fresh crushed garlic juice to stimulate appetite if you don't have mosquito larva...sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't.....He can go for some time without food, however, as you already know.....nutrition is really important to support the immune response and promote healing....

Good luck and keep us posted.......sometimes they just need some time in a dim lit quiet location....
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They make products that increase appetite, but my dropper bottle has been worn to the point I can't read the label. It has vitamins and appetite stimulants, though, and I got it at Petco. Also, the very best I have found is BettaRevive by Hikari for restoring general betta vitality. The ingredients are neomycin sulphate and methylene blue, so if you have those things you can just use them. but look for something like that to help perk him up. Also, you must think that his slime coat was severely damaged during this experience, and the drying-out that occurred may have damaged his fins. If this has happened, the dead or dying tissue may turn black and rot, like with fin rot. I would keep a close eye on him, and perhaps consider looking into medicating if he doesn't pick up with the stimulants. Also, sometimes they just need a little instinctual kick- find him some mosquito larva, rinse them, and try that. If nothing else, the movement of the larva should make him instinctively snap at them. Good luck with your buddy!
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Definitely try what OldFishLady reccommends before using chemicals, but I think an appetite stimulant might still be good, since the one I use is just vitamins and aloe, I think, but only if she agrees. I am going to save what she wrote for future use, as well!

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I'm here because the same thing happened

I was actually getting ready to breed him and I left for 5-10 min and well to my surprise I found him on the floor his fins are like stuck together and I'm scared because he's a beautiful crown tail and his wife witnessed the whole jump but I had him in a betta bowl the ones they come in and now he's in a 30 gallon although he's very slow I hope he lives
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