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Old 07-23-2012, 01:18 AM   #11 
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I can tell you my recommendations but I will also tell you this: Everyone has their own opinions on how to keep these lovely fish. You need to decide what works best for you and your fish.

Since it is a 1 gal, it actually has less than 1 gal of water with all the gravel, plants, decorations and other things you put in there. Keep that in mind. Because of that, it would probably be best to change the water every day. 100%

I use Prime by Seachem for my conditioner. I love this stuff. One bottle will last you quite a while! I use it in all my tanks including my breeding tanks.

Plants - I favor anubias, water wisteria, and java moss. I have all three in my tanks. Low light. I don't add and fertilizers or do anything special for them and I use regular gravel. I tend to leave my plants floating with some java moss floating and some resting on the bottom.

Tank size - Personally, I would upgrade to a 2.5 or bigger with him so you can have a little more room for adding things and decorating.

Food - I use a few different foods. I have two kinds of pellets (one being New Life Spectrum) that I use. One brand is a bigger pellet which I feed to only 3 of my bettas (Odin, Hannibal, and Uther). The rest get the NLS pellets. I only give freeze dried foods to Hannibal. You have to be careful because freeze dried foods can cause bloat. I also keep the following frozen foods on hand: bloodworms, mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, and daphnia. Daphnia is good to have on hand in case of bloat as it works as a natural laxative. A varied diet is good for your betta.

As MrV said, you have to be careful with Double Tails. I feed my Sholto once a day with one fast day a week and he looks great, very active.

As far as his color goes, he may or may not brighten. Some are dark. He may or may not grow. I have had some grow since getting them and others that have not. We got Hannibal from a PetSmart and he has grown since coming home with us.

Also, some filters are too strong for bettas. This one may have just been too much for him in a small space. You don't need one in a 1 gal really since you need to do such frequent water changes anyway.
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Old 07-23-2012, 01:46 AM   #12 
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Can u return the tank u bought and pick up a 5 gallon tank?
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Old 07-23-2012, 10:48 AM   #13 
Kenny G
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Hi Kaley, What is the name of the filter that came with the tank? There are always things you can do to reduce suction. Some examples are putting decorations near it, wrapping/covering parts of it up, or even adding a sponge or filter fiber to slow down the suction. These will help keep your water filtered while making it safer for Jupiter.
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Okay, so update on Jupiter. He now has a heater/thermometer, a hiding place, a moss ball, and a half-dead pathetic excuse for a live plant (all they had at Petco.).

This is what he has now:

He hates the filter. I tried putting it back in and stuffing all the plants near it and it still sucked him towards it and freaked him out.
He seems kind of cramped now. As soon as I can, I'm going to go get him a bigger tank. At least a 2.5 gallon, if not a 5. He does love his hiding hole though.

Anything else I can do for my boy?
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Sounds like your doing great so far and such a wonderful idea to get him a bigger home he will love it. I have a 5 gallon and my Betta has the best fun time swimming around and exploring his home. Jupiter is a very pretty little guy looks like he has the same colors as my Crown tail Perseus. Welcome to the forum and if you have anymore question just ask, so many nice people here and always willing to help out when they can.
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