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Ghost Plant?

My girlfriend and i bought 6 Betta bulbs. its been about 3 weeks and 2 of them are doing great. one of them has grown rapidly were every night we look at it and when we wake up its grown 1-2 inches (with the light off). this plant has been in the tank about a week and has many leafs already that are about a foot long. and the leafs keep moving.. not side to side but the leafs will fall and curl into a circle then an hour later they are straight up again.. its kinda kool to watch actually.. but i wanna know if any 1 else has had a plant do this b4

side question.. i want a filter and people have said names but i cant remember unless i have a pic of what the box looks like so can some1 link a good betta filter? or post a pic of 1?
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Plants have been known to move throughout the day. It sounds like you have an extra-active one on your hands! lol There's actually a science getting more and more attention lately called "Plant Neurobiology," but that's a whole 'nother rabbit trail, though interesting. :P

What size tank do you have? That can help us give you filter ideas. :)
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This is unrelated to aquariums or aquatic plants, but related to your moving plant... This year I found we have a squash plant in the garden that will completely curl it's tendril around my finger or arm within 5 minutes of touching it if I stand there.

I found it the wildest thing since I never bothered to try seeing if the tendrils would move, and they move quickly enough for a plant, but it feels like it is a very slow snake is coiling around you... It's creepy and VERY neat at the same time imo. I know now I will NEVER sleep by a squash plant for fear I will be covered in vines when I wake up lol.

That is neat your bulb plant moves so much though. :D Only had one type of betta bulb grow and it had long thin stems with one willow tree looking leaf at the end of each one. It bloomed a small white flower. Yours sounds much more interesting :D

As for the filter, do you remember if it was a air driven filter like a whisper 3i? Or was it a hang on back filter? Did it sit inside the water fully submerged in your tank?

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