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A Special Discussion

I know that most of you dont like breeding VT and other fish with poor form or pet store fish. I have my opinion as to why you shouldnt. This thread is where you could share you idea on this topic
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VT are hard to rehome. I love them. Nothing more amazing than a VT with long fins swimming in a planted tank. BUT they're too difficult to rehome and a genetic mess.
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I completely agree... but if you have homes for al the potential 250 of them.. then why not breed them? what are your opinions on that. I think you shouldnt breed them even if you have the homes as you are just flooding the market with more poorly bred fish
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If I were rich, could afford a mansion of fish rooms and a staff to help care for all the fish, I'd breed colorful VTs and not have to worry about rehoming them. I would love to see some dragon or marble VTs with nice, bright colors swimming about. *dreamy sigh*

But since, as a soon-to-be breeder, I will have to rehome most of my fry, VTs just aren't realistic for me.
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Reference Team
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I have no problem with someone spawning pet store fish if they are willing to cull any undesirable fry, and have a specific goal that they are working toward in mind. However, I do feel that only the cream of the crop pet store fish should be bred as they are a genetic grab bag and there are so many of them out there that you might as well start with the best of a bad bunch.

Some people do not want to start with the product of someone else's breeding. They want to create and work on their own line of fish, and I am completely okay with that as long as they have not just plunged into the whole thing without really sitting down and drawing up a list of the pros and cons of breeding.

There is always going to be homes out there for attractive, quality fish regardless of tail type. If you can produce a higher quality VT stock than can be found in stores or online what's the problem with that?

The only problem I have, is those individuals who consistently put together unsuitable or incompatible fish that are not going to improve on each other. That is why I think if you are new to bettas or are not good with judging form and finnage, you should seek out the help of someone with more experience. A good mentor can help you develop your eye and fine-tune your goals.

I have no time for those who breed only for the sake of it, and have no intention in ever moving the quality of their fish forward. This IMO is just plain bad breeding.
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20 years or so ago i bred VTs. i kept the ones i liked and gave the rest away. we used to have a free newspaper that i was able to post a free ad. i gave them away no problem. i did not have huge spawns though. maybe less then a hundred.

i would guess that an ad in craigslist might have the same effect today but im only guessing. you may or may not be stuck with alot of bettas.

im not saying that everyone should depend on being able to give away their fish on craigslist.

i am planning to breed some HMs in the future and have already talked to a lps. whether i start with high or lower quality fish i want to be able to sell them. he said that he would buy any fish i had but only at 65 cents each. this is because he can sell 150 VTs a month and make $1-2 each while he could only sell 2-3 HMs a month. he doesnt want to carry higher quality fish.

if later i do end up with high quality fish. then i will sell them for more whether it be to stores or online. but at least for now, i know i can sell them for 65 cents to a local pet store.

The fish i do plan to breed in hawaii, come from either a lps or local breeders. i will try to improve on what is available here but i might be biting off more then i can chew. ill prob start a log and people will be able to see how much work it is and if i succeed.

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You're probably going to have to do some culling whether you breed petstore fish or show fish. The important thing is to have homes for the babies no matter what they are.
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I think that if you will do whats right by either culling hard or keeping all the babies or you can breed petstore fish. Personally I dont want it to be easy, I also dont want to start with good fish that are someone else's. Thats why I started with petstore fish for my multis and I culled very very hard. And I think the term poor quality fish is wrong... poor breeding fish not a bad looking fish. Most important thing I think breeding no matter good breeders or not is to have a goal not just doing it for the sake of doing it.

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Reference Team
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Originally Posted by marktrc View Post
....... he can sell 150 VTs a month and make $1-2 each while he could only sell 2-3 HMs a month. he doesnt want to carry higher quality fish.
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My daughter has a veil tail. He is a good fish. But I would not breed him, what is the point? He is not a wild breed, not a show fish, just a mediocre fish. I also would not spend the time to breed feeder guppies, or feeder goldfish. I'm sure they would make a good pet, but no one buys them except to feed oscars.
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