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Old 07-24-2012, 11:49 AM   #21 
Twilight Storm
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I got a baby Betta from my Petco. As far as their store care goes... it depends on who is working there that week/day I guess.

The one I picked up was "tadpole" size when I got him. I have to say I've thoroughly enjoyed watching him develop.... However like Aus said, the vast majority of people who buy them probably won't be on this forum, or any forum for fish most likely and they won't know they need more care and extra needs. I'd say people who have been studying and researching how to breed bettas and care for the fry would be most prepared to successfully raise the babies to adults with no issues.

So overall I'm against them selling them without FULLY informing people but for those who don't wish to breed their fish but want to have the experience of raising a baby it's a good learning experience. (My baby is a veiltail boy)

I do wish they would place their cups in a tub of heated water on the shelf at the very least. I don't think this would be too much to ask for. Zero out a heater for store use and get a storage box to put the cups in? Maybe provide some paper towels to wipe the cups at the station before you buy them. Or maybe make the store 90-100 degrees so the cups will all stay around 80 :D... but I don't think the shoppers or the employees would love me for that suggestion LOL!!!
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I think my local Petsmart has two or three juvenile dragonscales. They are less than an inch and have no color yet.
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Old 07-25-2012, 03:10 PM   #23 
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I hate when they put them with the adults!
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I got my first "babies" in November of last year. I think they probably would have been culls normally. Despite loads of TLC, proper food, water temp & water changes; they (so far) haven't grown to be the size of the adults I purchased as adults. Don't know if this is just what happens when the young aren't ready to be sold or not. I've been able to re-home some of them to people who passed my criteria & finally was down to a small amount again.

I was at Petco the other day getting supplies for my cat & saw the smallest "baby betta" I had ever seen (maybe the size of a dime-at best). Took "him" home & so far, so good. Have to wait and see. Anyone else want to share their own experiences?
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Originally Posted by LizzyP View Post
My local Petco is awful. I mean, awful. At least 10 dead bettas (that I found in the 5 minutes I was standing there) and a dead boa constrictor. I will NEVER shop at this Petco again, ever. They too sell baby bettas, but I'll never buy one from not only Petco, but any place. I'm not experienced in bettas hardly at all, let alone baby ones.
A dead snake?!?! WTH? How does that even happen?

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