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The one near me doesn't do it
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You just missed it. Ended several weeks ago.

GS spotted the key date.

  • 08-24-2007, 02:03 AM

This is one reason I don't pay attention to sites that don't have dates.

*Sigh* this thread got me all excited because I sort of had to forgo the July $1/G sale because I couldn't move a 55G tank by myself with 1 arm in a cast without possibly damaging it.

  • BTW, this SALE is REALLY only useful if you have all the necessary fish keeping gear but say for example, you have a tank that's been decommissioned because of some sort of damage/neglect and/or.....
  • Basically you want to upgrade to a larger tank.

I've seen plenty of previoiusly used tanks for sale and easily walked away from any that were.......

  • severely scratched up,
  • silicone seals were messed up during excessive/improper cleaning
  • possibly cleaned with some sort of HARSH chemical that's super toxic & impossible to remove.
  • completely FILTHY due to neglect.
  • has the nasty faux wood trim.

Otherwise, with this PTC sale if you don't fit into those 2 basic categories it's generally better & cheaper if you just purchased a standard style 5G-10G aquarium starter kit @ a walmart or LFS when they have a semi annual sale.

Most 20G starter kits usually run in the $60-@$80

Also the PTC 1G sale only applied to the following tanks.

-10G Got it.
-20G Got it, too small
-30G I already have this. not using it
-40G Breeder - 18" deep which poses quite a problem. If they had a 40L I would have bought it.
-55G NEVER in stock & this is a 2 person tank unless you're on steroids or want to purposely injure yourself, or break a tank and want to be mocked.

Last month, I went to the nearest store the night before it ended for the purpose of a raincheck, but after rushing to get there 10 minutes before they closed & talking to a few of the typical customers, I got too tired to follow through & the employee I spoke with claimed the 55G was never included in the sale.

Note: I could have bought a 55G 2 weeks before the sale actually concluded, but it was a demo model and there was slight chip in the corner. The manager told me she would sell it to me and then I asked if the employees could help load. She said yes. the guys would help load it, but I was thinking, I'm injured and no one really knows. Do I really want to put myself through more grief. That day the answer was no, so I left.

Deep down I'm kind of glad the manager I spoke with wasn't there that night, but I'll chat with her next time to see if the 55G tanks really were excluded from the sale. I rarely ever venture into that store due to it's horrible parking situation.

I think this is another example of a misinformed LFS employee.
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Old 08-04-2012, 12:17 AM   #13 
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Oh my bad on the date!

I ate too much sugar today.m focus is off.

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my store just ended the $1/gallon sale on the 27th of july. It was PALS cards only.

the employee I spoke with claimed the 55G was never included in the sale.
Unless each store is different, that is a lie. Both the petco I went to in Alaska and the one here had that one on sale and like I said, the sale just ended. Each time I seen it for sale, I said I wanted it but always decide aganist it thinking it would crash through my floor.

I just get the tanks..I don't bother with anything else like lights or any of that. Saran wrap works fine for a top

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