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Yeeeah, that doesn't sound like new tips... lol
Here's a thread on another site that sounds similar, perhaps? I would suggest the root tabs... You can get those at Petsmart/Petco. I used them once with my java ferns, wisteria, and mondo grasses (which aren't even aquatic), and they went crazy.

I ended up un-planting all of them, and now use liquid ferts every once in a while just to keep them green and "perky."

Sometimes your tank just doesn't have all the nutrients your plants need, especially if you have soft water (which means not a lot of dissolved minerals), a small bioload (not a lot of fish poop to fertilize your plants), and have gravel as a substrate (there's no nutrients in gravel that you would find in a potting soil, etc.). I have all of the above, so I know I have to give my plants a little extra kick in the pants.

Edit: Aaaand, in the end, it could just be your plants acclimating. If you have five bucks to spare, I'd try the root tabs before assuming your plants are going to grow back after getting used to your water. If it is just acclimating, you'll have root tabs as future plant "treats." Aaaand, there's another two pennies. XP

Hopefully we'll get some input with people who have more experience... I'm just speculating from browsing threads and my own handful of plants.

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^ +1 to acclimating.

Hey, I just had another look at your pic and -- is the plant to the right of center a cryptocoryne? I can see a yellowed leaf on it. It looks like a crypt to me.. and they are -notorious- for losing all thier leaves, looking dead and then sprouting all over again in new water.

If that's a sword, I'd really like to know what kind..
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Er, what is a crypt? When I got the plant, the tube said amazon sword. There is an algae breakout in my tank though my plants are fine. What can I do?
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Old 08-04-2012, 05:33 PM   #34 
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Hey, so on another one of my threads someone told me that epsom salt will help plants grow better. Can I use dissolved epsom salt as a liquid fert, then? If so, how much should I put in and where? thanks!
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