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Question Possible Fin Rot?

I'm totally new to this forum, but I thought this was the best place where I could get advice. I believe my new male halfmoon double tail may have fin rot. Or maybe a possible tail biter? He does have a split in his top fin now, but that might be caused by flaring at my female?

My other male has split his tail fin because of this, he flares at everything. Anyway, my half moon is in a small half gallon or so 'hospital tank' for 4 days now (that's how long I have him) for a quarantine.

Right now I have a 5 gallon divided with a male and female, but in about a week I'm getting a 10 gallon to divide for the 3 of them, if they all are healthy. He's very active, eats like a piggy, swims fine, has been blowing bubble nests. It's just his tail seems a bit odd looking to me. Unless that's how it's supposed to look? If anyone could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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Hello and welcome. Just so you know, you cannot have a male and female together in a tank even if it is divided. I would separate them as soon as possible. Males and Females give off chemicals that can stress out the opposite sex (unless breading).

As for the tail, the video doesn't seem to work for me so I cant comment on that.
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he look fine to me..great looking the colors..swimming nicely and i curious.i see no signs of being sick...nothing to worry bout from what i see :)
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I also don't condone keeping a male and female fish in the same tank. If you feel you absolutely have to do it talk to Mo, but keep in mind it requires a lot of space, a lot of live plants and a lot of water changes.

Best solution in your situation, divide the 10 up for the boys and leave the girl in the 5 by herself
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Are his fins turning black, or shriveling? This is what happened with my betta when he got fin rot, the edges on his fins started to curl up and turn black. I believe there are other symptoms, but honestly can't remember! Sorry! :p Hope your fish feels better, he is sure beautiful! :D Oh and like lvandert mentioned it would be best to divide the ten between your two boys, and give the female the five. Reason being males and females will release harmones, which will agitate the other!

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