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Originally Posted by thekinetic View Post
Well if the water parameters are fine then the tank will be fine for a while, but what parameters is he checking? Ammonia, low end ph, high end ph, nitrite, nitrate?

Generally it is 1" of fish per gallon, and a betta alone is 2.5" thus leaving only .5" for his 3 gallon. But then there's the matter of guppies being typically 1 fish per gallon. And if the fish can live together well there's is no real harm in going over a tiny bit as long as they got room and the parameters are not affected.

But then there's the khuli loach, which is a 4" fish when it matures and is waaay to big for a 3 gallon. While it may not be a problem now it will be in the future.

So I guess you're sort of both right.

But honostly you're at each others throat over fish?! This is why I don't like people, egos. And I'm not sure which sex has the bigger one. Now it seems to me one of you has a temper otherwise yall could talk it out civilly. So you could continue arguing and hope it comes a conclusion before it costs you the relationship or you could agree to disagree and say what will be will be.

But remember in the game of wills, there are no winners.
He checks ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and pH daily. And that's good to know. At least we can both be happy they're not suffering for now.

And being hot-headed is an entirely different thing from having a big ego. We both have vicous tempers, and that's one of the things I like about him, but neither of us are overly egotistical. However, we have taken some time out and we are now being a lot less childish and argumentative about things so we can try and work something out. At the moment I'm offering him a bigger tank for his fish, as I have a spare. We're just unsure how I'd get it to him, haha.

Thank you~

good luck with that.
I don't need luck, sweetie~
Breaking up with someone over such a little thing would be frivolous at best.
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Wow usually the two go hand in hand!O.o

I was just worried as I've seen little arguments get so out of hand that two people who were otherwise happy break it off.

It's nice to hear you two are woking it out. ^_^
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Hands down. You are right. That tank is in serious trouble. He is mistaking overstocking for overcrowding. The two are different things. Overstocking refers to the amount of waste the bio-bugs in the tank can handle. Overcrowding refers to the amount of swimming space for the fish. The tank may not be overcrowded, but it is overstocked.

I've seen people use the "we've been doing this a long time" excuse/defense a lot of times. 9/10 they are have been "doing it" wrong. (lol read the Old Pro [bad] at the bottom of this article What kind of fishkeeper are you?)

The research is out there if he wants to learn.
Loaches Online - brilliant loach site. I'm a bit of a loach fanatic, so I spend a lot of time here.
Seriously Fish - wonderful articles on a lot of uncommon (and common) fish in the hobby
TFK: Tropical Fish Profiles - great articles on most of the common fish and plants in the hobby
Practical Fishkeeping - UK-based fishkeeping magazine. It's the best in the world.
Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine - second best fishkeeping magazine, US-based
Aquarium Fish International - another fishkeeping website, US-based
Tell him to compare the advice of these sites to what he's getting at the pet store.
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Off topic: Thats a good article my hats off to him. Certainly an Aquarist haribosus myself :P
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