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For Luna, Sparky, and Sunny - I Will Always Love You

Just something I wrote for everyone I lost. :*( Miss 'em so much!

First to go was Luna.
Rescued from PetCo, a veiltail female. Red and Blue and Purple, colors of the rainbow. I only had you for a few days, I knew you were sick, but I loved you. The fungus that you had just grew and grew and grew. I tried to save you, but it was too late. One morning my mom told me that you were gone, and that we could have a funeral later, but I coulden't leave you there. So when she stepped off to get ready for work, I got your jar and a beautiful black and blue seashell and buired you under my mini rose bush. I dug the hole with my fingers and laid you down in a bed of grass, then tearfully poured the dirt in and laid the seashell on top of you buired body. The next morning, by some miracle, a beautiful white rose had bloomed and kissed its face to the morning sun, singing a silent song of peace.
Red White and Blue Sparking Fireworks
My ugly boy.. <3
You were my soulmate. Whenever I hear your name, I still tear up. My very first betta, but not my first fish. Your first few years were bad. But then I moved you to the 20g. You had it all to yourself for a while. And even when I divided it, you were still happy. I do believe that you carried some strange recissive gene that gave you teeth. I have a scar on my hand to show of the time I reached in to get a plant and you attacked the back of my hand. It's a little straight line. My pirahanna! <3 You started getting old. Slowing down, then resting on the heater. One day, I came in to see you, and were dead. Laying in an awkward position on the gravel, not breathing. I promply started sobbing. You were ugly. You had an unknown tail type, deformed and unique. I still wonder if I would have loved a different fish as much as I love you. The answer is no. You, you, you UNDERSTOOD me. I told you all my secrets, my hopes, my dreams, my wished. You just stared at me. Whenever I cam into the room and turned the light on, you would dance around, obviously waiting for a delish snack of Katie fingers! I love you. And when I buired you under the mini rose bush, across the stem from Luna, and covered you with a common but unique seashell, I knew it represented you. And like Luna, 3 days later I got a gift. A sign. A new stem, with 3 new buds, all in full bloom, with the sweetest smell that had ever come from a mini rose bush. I'll see you soon buddy! <3

Here Comes the Sun
My little Spitfire. Always being a runaway, flirt, flarer, bossy-pants to poor Sparta. She took NO from NO ONE! If she wanted more food, she got more food, meaning she jumped a 1 1/2 inch divider to eat all of Moonie's before he did. She slipped under barriers, did death-defying jumps, flared and chased Sparta around when they were spawning until he promptly fell asleep. My fighter girl. In the end, she got what she asked for. I have no doubt that she once again slipped under the divider and chased Sparta around. He must have finally gotten tired of her and he chased her back under her divider, then fatally wounded her. Within 3 days, she was gone. My dad buired her under the rosebush, along with all her friends. Her sign was her legacy, which will never be forgotten.

Love you guys! See you someday!
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I'm so sorry for all your losses.
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